Animal Riddles

Have a fun learning time with these animal riddles! In this article have a complete book of animal riddle flashcards for the kiddos to learn about the animals in a fun way that they will be interested in! This will be a sensory activity for kids as they will drive thier mental power to guess the animal! The best part is, these are totally free and you can print them out as well! The fun designer-looking flashcards will be a center of attraction too and will drive the kids to engage in using them and learning in a fun way!


Fun Riddles To Guess The Animal

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BirdBird - Animal Riddle

  • I am small.
  • I have two wings.
  • I can sing.
  • I can fly.

CamelCamel - Animal Riddle

  • I have got long legs.
  • I have got two humps.
  • I can live without water for many days.
  • I live in the desert.

CrocodileCrocodile - Animal Riddle

  • I’m big and green.
  • I have got sharp big teeth.
  • I have a long tail.
  • I can swim.
  • I live on the river.

ElephantElephant - Animal Riddle

  • I am very big and grey.
  • I can run but I can’t climb up the tree.
  • I have a long trunk.

FrogFrog - Animal Riddle

  • I’m small and green.
  • I have four legs.
  • I live near the pond.
  • I can jump and I eat insects.

GiraffeGiraffe - Animal Riddle

  • I’m tall.
  • My body is brown with spots.
  • I have got a long neck.
  • I have small ears.
  • I eat leaves.

HorseHorse - Animal Riddle

  • I have four legs.
  • I have a beautiful tail.
  • I love to eat grass and corn.
  • I can run very fast.

MonkeyMonkey - Animal Riddle

  • I am brown.
  • I have a long tail.
  • I can climb up the tree.
  • I like eating bananas.

PenguinPenguin - Animal Riddle

  • I’m a bird.
  • I am black and white.
  • I can’t fly but I can swim.
  • I lay eggs.

PigPig - Animal Riddle

  • I have got four legs.
  • I am big and fat.
  • l live on the farm.
  • Many people know me as pork.

RabbitRabbit - Animal Riddle

  • I am a small animal.
  • I have four legs.
  • I have got long ears.
  • I love carrots.

WhaleWhale - Animal Riddle

  • I am big and blue.
  • I am a mammal.
  • I live in the ocean.
  • I can swim.

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