Count & Match Worksheets for Preschoolers

Preschool kid is between the age of 3 to 5 years. During the moment, a kid can comprehend different skillful things before they enter the school years. It is a primary mission of each parent to be mindful of the kids as they develop otherwise.

However, the recent dilemma of covid-19 influences the schools forthwith, how kids can learn? Is it probable from home?

The parent recalls their kids and they must discover several techniques to prepare their kids. It is a widespread fact that every kid is uncommon but the understanding of each child may similar or differ.

Creativity is the secret behind it. Creativity ever boosts mental evolution and help to lock everything in memory.

A kid can struggle to point out by overheating and schooling. Mainly parents or teachers go with digits first and digit corner identification, counting, writing.

Counting means assigning a specific digit to one or a set of objects. It is an early step towards the fundamental portion of the mathematical institution.

Funny and joyful knowledge rapidly acts. Try to find out the new crazy methods for count and match. You can involve many attributes of your kid.

Attend The Five Steps Initially:

  1. Count the digits up to 5.
  2. Identify the digits.
  3. Become friendly with digits with regular exercise.
  4. Test the knowledge using a demo worksheet.
  5. Onetime a kid grip, turn for next level.

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Count and Match Worksheets for preschool


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It relies certainly on simple ideas that you wish to implement. Following are a few count and match worksheet sentiments for a preschooler.

Apple Tree:

Bring a sheet of paper and draw a picture of the tree. Write a specific digit on the tip of the paper. Place the crafted apples on the tree.

Dot and Pair:

The left side is of digits and on the opposite side place the dots. Teach the counting first and match the appropriate pair with the respective digit.

Ball Count:

Here you require colourful balls, a slate and one jug. The activity is to give balls to the kid for counting and tell them to write the digit on the sheet and deposit the respective digits of balls inside the jug.

Draw, Count and Write:

It includes three sections, a certain image, a second digit and lastly vacant pillar. The kid has to count the images present on the sheet because that digit was already present in the second row, in the end, rewrite the count.

Colour and Match:

Again two sections consisted of colourless images and their count. A kid can fill the colour and match the perfect pair. Kids love this kind of entertainment.

Mixed Shapes:

Use a big paper, use many structures and hold aside. Draw a figure on paper and simply park the pattern in the front respective figure.

Game of Seeds:

Draw colourful fruit say, watermelon, add certain seeds into the portion. Tell to figure those seeds and write in below empty box which is waiting for your reply.

Number Matching:

Count and match can take place, by drawing small images and teach counting to your kid by holding their finger, say loudly and write the correct count for those images.

Count and Circle:

This is something interesting where you just draw images and below put three options. A kid can count the images and make a circle to the accurate option.

Join Dots:

During this activity, place dots on the sheets and tell a specific digit to the kid and join the dots. Say, the digit is four, the kid has to join four dots.

Finger Count:

Formerly people use fingers for the numbering. Here your kid wishes to measure on fingers 1,2,3,..and as usual, next have to specify the count on the worksheet and match them to the exact image.

Count Ballons and Match To Numbers(1-10):

Preschooler worksheet taught counting and enhancing numbers from 1-10. Here single worksheet for one number. The kid has to count the balloons and match them with one of the numbers revealed on the printable worksheet.

Counting Stars:

In the worksheet, kids have to count the stars which are in between 1-10 primarily and write the correct number in the box.

Tracing The Numbers:

In the whole worksheet, rewrite the printable number, next count how many images are involved below and circle the perfect number from the square.

Two columns consist of different images of triangles on one side and dots on the other hand. Tell your kid to recall a specific number and try to match. For example, two triangles connect with a box of two dots.

Craft Home:

The craft can bring this action fascinating. Cut different shapes of cardboard say example one triangle, two circles, rectangular shape, three steps for the basic house. The parents have to write the digits on the sheet and instruct the kid to identify those digits and place their respective shape. Eventually, the kid would get a surprise home.

Fish Pot:

The same game parents have to play like drawing two columns along with digits on the left side, draw images of fishes on the other and match them. Also, bring tiny readymade fishes. However, to cheer, after finishing matching, put those fishes into the water pond.

In the short, the parents can enforce multiple tricks. It simply depends on your kid’s attention. The playful efforts help for recollecting any topics effortlessly.

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