Count the Animals – Free Worksheets for Kids

Research proves that young children are more likely to learn faster if taught in an effective manner. Using worksheets is one of the most effective manners of teaching nowadays as it provides ample practice with several exercises on each concept. The following worksheet allows kids to learn how to count correctly.

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Animal Count Practice Worksheets

To count is one of the first things taught to a kid once he has learned or in the process of learning the numbers. It is one of the fundamental skills that a child develops over time that is essential in both academics and day to day life.

Count the Animals - Free Worksheets for Kids

The task at hand is fairly simple. It is essential that before attempting the worksheet the kid knows how to count till 10 since the worksheet involves counting different animals and determining their number. He has to count the number of images of each animal in the worksheet and write it on the right-hand side.

Count the Animals - Free Worksheets for Kids

It is a good practice to make each exercise as productive as possible. The worksheet while allowing a kid to master the skill of counting also allows for a quick lesson about different animals. You can download the worksheets and allow your young one extra credit for identifying the animals. It makes learning the basics of mathematics more fun since most kids are inherently afraid of mathematics and numbers.

Count the Animals - Free Worksheets for Kids

The worksheet provides enough to practice for a kid to get good at counting and identifying different animals. You can always use our other worksheets to polish his newly learned skills. Download the worksheets to get started now!

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