Tips to Develop Reading Habits in Children

Reading leads to the overall development of one’s persona, holistically.

From the very beginning, chatter with your child even if you think he or she is very young to understand or reply back to you.

Following this, try to develop a habit of storytelling in the children of your household, so that they get into a habit of forming lines and how to communicate with others without holding themselves back.

Craze needs to be developed and inculcated in one’s personality. To start, give them something interesting with pictures to read. Fiction, mystery, adventures and fantasy will keep them engrossed more so in the beginning. To build this reading, start with easy language books like Enid Blynton.

Taking time out from one’s busy routine and visiting the library and museums with your child will teach the importance of reading to your child, inculcate that habit within him or her. In anybody’s life reading proves to be one best friend and is the first guide to help you understand the world around you better.

Having one’s own personal collection at home and especially devoted reading space for children is the next best thing a child will appreciate and always be grateful for.

Investing in books and commodities that enhance one’s child’s knowledge and perception of how to live your life is the best gift you can give to them.

Try to keep smartphones as far as possible to maintain their concentration especially during scheduled reading time. Eliminate all sort of distractions

Music, TV, or even guests during that allotted period of time.

If your child skips or ventures out in other activities, it eventually means he is losing interest in reading and learning regularly.

The more one reads the more one gets absorbed in the story.

Later, how much you Dive deep within the plot, the more you remember. Getting engrossed means you are moving towards being more focused, will automatically increase your attention span and you will feel less distracted by everything else going around you. Slowly and steadily everything else will be replaced by books whether it’s free time, nonsensical talks or video games.

Reading whenever you have free time, makes you fluent both in speaking and writing, calms your anger and always keeps you composed, increases your vocabulary, develops confidence in one’s abilities.

Remember, No one can match a reader’s vast pool of knowledge they have gained by reading ample books throughout their life.

The most advantageous impact of reading in one’s life is one develop a photogenic memory.

Your memory sharpens and you are able to grasp more in a single take.

Read in front of your child. Read to him or her. Share your thoughts and listen to theirs. Carry a book on the go.


Let the child After a book gets completed, discuss what they inferred and which character and part of the story impacted them the most.

This will help you to reflect how he or she thinks, visualizes and imagine what we can’t. Discoveries happen when children see the hidden meaning.

Making a reading journal of your own. Encourage your child to jot down and make a list of what he wants to read. Give them the responsibility to take out time from their studies and achieve their goals.

Let your child discover their genre of reading i.e. read ” what you love”. Everyone has their own favourites.

Suggesting books and drawing their attention to how people become who grew successful in their lives were due to reading and developing that attitude is a must. But never force your child

to read a book he finds boring or a topic he is disinterested in. Let him explore and choose from the books everyone of their age delves in.

Re-reading your favourite books

Help them find many things that got overlooked the first time. Re-reading helps them form a vivid image of the whole scenario in their minds by forming a connection among lines and joining dots to create a whole plot.

So, Reread your favourites, blogs about the best you have read till now. Put yourself at ease and comfort. This will allow the free flow of thoughts and continuity of innovation.

Reading at night gives you a sound sleep.

Readers can become emerging leaders. Sooner or later you will observe your turn out as a successor, outshining the counterparts.

Reading, in addition to promoting rational and analytical thinking, helps uplift your mood. It’s like a saviour in distress and boredom.

It’s a therapy for bad mood and escapism to forget the stress.

To improve, Suggest him or her to find a reading partner like you with whom you can share and discuss your reading except you.

Encourage him or her to participate in book exchange now and then. Networking will increase the access he has to different authors and genres as discussion builds interest in the unexplored.

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