Easy DIY Piggy Bank Craft Ideas For Kids

19 Easy DIY Piggy Bank Craft Idea For The Kids That Makes Them Save Money.

Do your kids know the value of money and the value of savings? If the answer is NO, then how about we start with something fun that made the young minds curious and attentive to save their last penny.

Almost every kid gets money as a gift or rewards most of the time. And they make sure to hide their money in a crafty place where nobody can find them. Let’s step up and help them to make their own DIY Piggy Banks that are easy and adorable saving banks for your kids.


Easy DIY Piggy Bank Craft Ideas For Kids

1. Your Own DIY Airplane Coin Bank Plastic Bottle

Image Source/Tutorial: Bright Nest

The first DIY piggy bank we are going to make easy and simple, it just needs a few supplies that probably you can get from your home. The Airplane DIY Piggy Bank main craft is made from a reusable plastic bottle. So, in our first, we are starting with a bang a reusable craft as well as a DIY piggy bank to save our money.

Supplies:1 clear water bottle; stock paper, tape, and scissors.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

2. A Unique DIY Piggy Bank For Globe Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Un beau Jour

This next DIY piggy bank craft is so cool and aesthetic to make and look at. Even some people might be jealous of your piggy bank. One can use it as décor in their house and Of course! a place to save some monthly savings or your secret letters. Kids will have a real blast in making this unique piggy bank craft as they draw or create anything of their liking personal globe piggy bank.

Supplies: World globe, acrylic paints, gold spray paint and a scissor.

Suitable For: 3-10 years

3. Micky & Minnie DIY Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Kimberley Marriott

Next, is our childhood and every kid’s favorite Disney characters Mickey & Minnie Mouse. These are super cute Mickey and Minnie DIY piggy banks that are easy to make and simply lead to the childhood days of just watching Disney cartoons. What’s better than including your child’s favorite cartoon characters in form of a saving money habit.

Supplies: 2 Mason jars, red, white and black acrylic paint, cardstock paper, scissors, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-7 years

4. A Multipurpose Piggy Bank Kit

Image Source/Tutorial: Mermag

This DIY craft is for all parents who want their children to grow with empathy, kindness and know the value of savings. Early childhood is the best day to cultivate a positive impact on your child. This three-tier cans piggy bank kit is a perfect example to teach young minds the kindness of giving, savings, and the fun of spending on the right things.

Supplies: 3 tin cans, acrylic paints, colored stock paper, scissors and a glue gun.

Suitable For:2-10 years

5. Easy Cereal Piggy Bank Craft At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Kix Cereal

Here is another great piggy bank craft that put the use of reuseable things that was going to be thrown in the garbage bin. This cereal box piggy bank can be with a few simple art supplies and in an empty cereal box one can create an easy piggy bank at home. Not kids are using waste products for good things they are also learning the art of saving money.

Supplies: Cereal box, color stock paper, googly eyes, scissors, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

6. Mason Jar Superheroes Piggy Bank Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

Now it’s time for our superheroes. Pave the way for Batman and Superman. It’s a perfect accessory to your kids’ fandom for comic Superheroes in their bedroom. This DIY mason jar superhero piggy bank craft is here to help your child’s creative craft mind and hustle of saving money.

Supplies: 2 Mason jars, acrylic paint, colored craft paper for superhero logo, and a glue gun.

Suitable For:2-10 years

7. Minions Coin Bank DIY Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: KA Styles

We love our minions impeccably. These one-eyed googly eyes are super adorable to make and can be made from a simple mason jar. Just need a few extra things like paints yellow and blue for their shirt and denim pants and one cannot forget the googly eyes to give the minions signature look.

Supplies: 2 Mason jars, googly eyes, yellow and blue acrylic paint, brown pipe cleaner, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-8 years

8. Easy DIY Tube Piggy Bank Craft Just For Your Kid

Image Source/Tutorial: Damask Love

Now, this is something a slightly more interesting and unique DIY Piggy Bank project. This 4 feet tall mail tube piggy bank is required patients and a ton of fun in making. It brings out your child’s obsession with crafting and you have to run to your art supply store to fetch the supplies in making.

Supplies: A long tube, silver scrapbook paper, yellow and pink craft paint, and craft knife.

Suitable For: 3-10 years

9. Easy Tissue Piggy Bank Craft Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Sunny Day Family

The idea of teaching your child the value of saving from early childhood is the best lesson parents could give for adulthood. It creates the child’s development of knowing how much money matters and how to save for the future. If the child develops the knack for saving that sure going to help them in adulthood.

Supplies: Baby Wipes container, milk bottle caps, pink and black stock card, googly eyes, marker, scissors, and glue.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

10. DIY Paper Mache Coin Bank Dinosaurs

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

This Paper Mache dinosaur piggy bank is the longest to make. So, be patient and teach your child the art of patience. It is a perfect blend of creativity and a serene DIY project. This is the right project for all hyper children who can’t sit still few seconds. Not it just will have a creative impact on your child’s psychology it will help them to calm and enjoy the small task of completing a project.

Supplies: Mache paste (1 part flour, 2 parts water mix and microwave for 40sec and mix in a thick paste with no lumps), strip old newspaper, balloon, and paints to decorate dinosaur.

Suitable For: 3-10 years

11. DIY Personal Self-Sorting Coin Bank Kit

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

We all have a bag of loose change coins that we are unable to use. Give them to your child as allowance and turn the clutter into your kid’s piggy box. This self-sorting piggy bank for the clutter of loose ten, fives, and pennies. Made with a simple card box but do the purpose of saving money and creating crafts from the recycled box.

Supplies: Used cardboard box, clear plastic wrap, craft paper, scissors, and a marker.

Suitable For:2-10 years

12. Piggy For Your Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Greta’s Day

Let’s make some shiny and glittery DIY Piggybank. This next DIY project is satisfying and super easy to make. And the easiest part is you don’t need many supplies. Grab your favorite color ultra-fine glitters and convert your old boring Piggy Bank into a shiny new Piggy Bank. It is so cute and artsy that every child wants to add to their DIY project. Mind it, parents, it can be messy to deal with the blast of glitters everywhere. But, it is all worth of time of your child’s creating art.

Supplies: Your old piggy bank, scrap paper, paper towels, sandpaper, ultra fine glitter, mod podge, and spray sealer.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

13. DIY Piggy Coin Bank Plastic Bottle

Image Source/Tutorial: Musely

What’s cuter than a clear baby piggybank adorns with adorable ears and eyes. It’s the cutest piggybank we have been made so far. This DIY piggy bank is made from a reusable plastic bottle and a few art supplies. And lo and behold we got our own most adorable piggy banks to stash the money.

Supplies: Clear plastic bottle, scissors, colorful craft paper, marker, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

14. Creative Paper Piggy Banks For Your Savings

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

Next is how to use your old card box creatively and turn it into a DIY piggy bank. Most of the houses get home delivery at home and after we a left with a pile of cardboard boxes that are going to be thrown in the garbage. This DIY paper piggy craft will help to reduce landfill wastage. Make as much as you want you just need a few supplies and gift them to your friends and family.

Supplies: Used cardboard box, glue, scissors, and thick threads.

Suitable For: 2-5 years

15. Easy Piggy Bank Kit To Make At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: It Happens in a Blink

Creative has no limits. That is truly true in the case of the next DIY project. A piggy bag made out of a used baby formula tin can. Not just does it fulfill the purpose of upcycling it allows your children to be creative in saving money. This DIY project used several art supplies that’s make it pretty and can last for a long time. And what’s better to engage your child than a creative art project.

Supplies: Empty formula can, mood podge, cardstock, ribbon, sequin string, mini clothespin, a mini chalkboard, scissors, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-8 years

16. DIY Tin Can Piggy Bank For Savings

Image Source/Tutorial: Cut Out and Keep

How to reduce the clinging of random loose coins? And how to declutter food cans? Hand it over to your child and make their DIY piggy bank. It solves the many houses problems of loose change, used cans and your bored children. Just with a few art supplies and encourage your child can create art.

Supplies: Used food can polish the edges, brown stock paper, a golden lid, scissors, and glitter markers.

Suitable For: 3-7 years

17. Your Own Unique Pot O’ Gold DIY Piggy Bank

Image Source/Tutorial: Playground Park Bench

Let’s incorporate some fairytale in our next DIY piggy bank. This piggy bank craft is taken from the land of the Irish, as legend says you can find a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The fairytales may not be true but one can make their own pot of gold just by turning a wide jar into a DIY piggy bank.

Supplies: Wide mouth jar, heavy cardstock as the lid, mod podge, sponge brush, colored pipe cleaners for rainbow, black ribbon, black acrylic paint, and a hot glue gun.

Suitable For: 2-10 years

18. Ice Cream Fund DIY Piggy Bank Mason Jar

Image Source/Tutorial: Yesterday on Tuesday

This ice-cream fund DIY piggy bank is for the kids who want to buy with their own money. It’s a great way to save money and use it for later like buying a gift for a friend’s birthday or field trips. This DIY project is for the little ones who want to be creative and save some money for the future.

Supplies: Mason jar, white primer, chalky finish paint, chalkboard paint, glue bottle, metal piggy bank insert, tape, and gold glitter.

Suitable For: 2-10 years

19. Make An Easy Mason Jar Piggy Bank At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Homemade Ginger

Lastly, we got mason jar piggy banks that both parents and children can make easily in the comfort of their homes. Your child got the creative idea of making a mason piggy bank and you just need them to help them to assist to make the final piece. With three separate mason jars, a piggybank gives your child to think about how to spend his allowance money in spending, giving, and savings.

Supplies: 3 mason jars, spice holder or craft your holder, white paper, and markers to the label mason jar.

Suitable For: 2-6 years

These unique and easy DIY piggy bank craft ideas are effortless and fun to make. Start your child’s growth with the love for saving, managing, and giving the money for the better. What’s better than learning about the value of money than having a blast crafting DIYs piggy banks with them.

For more interesting DIY projects check out our latest posts. If you liked our DIYs in piggy banks then leave your thoughts in our comment section.

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