Recycled Egg Cartons Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycled Egg Cartons Craft Ideas for Kids

If you are a fan of recycling crafts, we have got it covered with our best 21 recycled egg cartons craft idea for your kids. That is easy and fun to make.

Creativity is not just creating new art pieces but also creating a masterpiece from thrown junk materials. In this crafts blog, we are going to create crafts from recycled egg cartons craft ideas for kids. These crafts are simple and easy to make with less hassle and a great way of teaching the younger generations about recycling and an eco-friendly world.

Most household consumes eggs and you get your free egg cartons from your home. Eggs usually come in Styrofoam cartons or recycled paper, these can be used to make some interesting DIY crafts to bring your children to the innovative creative side. The unique shape of egg cartons is the perfect material for making different crafts. So grab a paintbrush and colors and do some recycled egg carton craft ideas for Kids.


Recycled Egg Cartons Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycled Egg Cartons Craft Ideas for Kids

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Recycled Egg Carton Spring Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids

To make your surroundings lovely and livelihood we add a touch of floral decorations. Here in our first recycled egg carton crafts, we are going to create our whole flower bouquet with the spring flower theme. Spring brings the most beautiful, vibrant flowers of the season. We will make sure our egg carton flower turns into a beautiful piece to place in our home that will never wilt.

Supplies: 5 egg cartons; scissors; vibrant colors pink, purple, and yellow and blue; paintbrushes; glue-gun; buttons; popsicle, 1 tin can, pipe cleaner, green scrap paper, and a ribbon.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

Sunny Sunflower Egg Carton Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

Looking at sunflowers makes us think of the bright sun. This recycles egg carton craft is perfect for the summer and fall seasons. Kids will love to do this craft from transforming a plain egg carton to a bright sunflower egg carton. It requires fewer materials and with a simple procedure, it can be made. A bright sunflower egg carton craft will sure make everybody cheerful for the day.

Supplies: Egg cartons; scissors; yellow and brown acrylic paint; paintbrush, green construction paper; glue-gun, and white art paper.

Suitable For: 4-8 years

Acrylic Recycled Egg Carton Flowers Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Flowers can never get out of style when it comes to wishing someone be our to our mothers on Mother Day or teachers on Teacher Day or simply saying Thank You. And we will love flowers when it comes to crafting. It gives the inspiration to make a beautiful craft.

Supplies: Any acrylic colors; scissors; glue-gun; yellow pom-poms, and straw pipe.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

Recycled Egg Carton Tree Canvas Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

Next, the craft is a little bigger craft project, as we are going to create a whole tree on a canvas. A tree that symbolizes our Earth and is the best way to show our love and care about nature by making a canvas tree from recycled egg cartons.

Supplies: Egg Cartons, white canvas, green, and brown color paint; paintbrush; scissors, glue-gun.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

Love For Dinosaurs Through Recycle Egg Carton Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Our Kid Things

Are your kids are a fan of the Jurassic World movie? And they are obsessed with big mean-looking dinosaurs. Here is the craft that you can include for their fascination with dinosaurs in your recycled craft. These recycled egg carton dinosaurs are cute as hell to make and they also keep your children busy from watching the movies again and again.

Supplies: Egg cartons; colored pipe cleaners; different acrylic paints; yellow craft paper; googly eyes; scissors; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 7-10 years

Egg Carton Dragon Craft Decorative

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Here is our next craft we are going to include culture from China. Do you know Chinese people celebrate their New Year with dragons? Not real dragons but crafted dragons. They say it brings good luck by burning away any bad luck spirits. It’s such a cool idea for kids to make. Imagine a red long fierce creature and spits fire. Yes, I can imagine how exciting is this!

Supplies: Egg cartons; red acrylic paint; paintbrush; sequins; orange and yellow tissue paper; blue and golden glitter sticks; yarn and needle to sew all cartons together; black marker; sequins; googly eyes; scissors and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 7-12 years

Egg Carton Googly Eye Sea Shell Creature

Image Source/Tutorial: STEAMsational

I think we all can agree with this, it is one of the easiest and less time-consuming art projects. It just needs a few supplies to make. And a great way to make your sea creatures and create a whole underwater sanctuary with recycled egg cartons.

Supplies: Egg carton, brown and pink acrylic color; white pom-pom; googly eyes; and glue-gun.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

Color Feathered Rooster Made From Recycled Egg Cartons

Image Source/Tutorial: STEAMsational

Have you ever celebrated Easter Egg? It’s a traditional Christian community that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Our Easter egg celebration will be with recycled egg cartons that we will turn into a rooster that has beautiful colored feathers to adorn with.

Supplies: Egg cartons; yellow and pink craft paper; acrylic colors; googly eyes; colorful features; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 4-8 years

Baby Chicks Hatched From Recycled Egg Cartons

Image Source/Tutorial: Typically Simple

Here’s another egg-related reference craft. These adorable baby chicks are everything you need to include in your recycled egg carton crafts to make with your kids. The kids will have a blast in making them and it’s a fun way to reuse something that was going to be thrown away at garbage.

Supplies: Egg carton; black marker; color craft paper; construction paper; acrylic paints; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 4-7 years

Dragonfly That Reminds Of You SpringTime

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Instead of tossing the egg carton, we are going to turn into a dragonfly with this fun papercraft. It’s a great recycling craft project for kids. The dragonfly can be made as the kids want to with their favorite colors and colored craft papers.

Supplies: Egg carton (6 cup sides); acrylic paint; tissue paper; white card stock paper; piper cleaner; scissors and glue-gun.

Suitable For: 7-10 years

Egg Carton Shark

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Ria

Recycling and creating new art and top of it making it more engaging to the young hyper kids can be a hard task. Here is one such craft that they will love from start to end, and can stop playing with them. These adorable sharks are great toys to play with.

Supplies: Egg carton; blue and white paint; blue cardstock paper; black marker; googly eyes; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 4-7 years

Egg Carton Whale For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Egg cartons are a great way of making recycled crafts. Especially for young kids. It helps them to challenge their inner creativity with various materials that are going to be thrown away in the garbage bin. The whale craft that is made by egg carton is one such example of great creativity.

Supplies: Egg carton; whale craft template; blue color; blue cardstock paper; blue pipe cleaner; black marker; googly eyes; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 7-11 years

Cute Bunny Crafts For Crafty Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids

Let’s make some bunnies. And these bunnies come with treats. Chances are you might throw your egg cartons after using all eggs why not just make most of it even it is empty. Give it to your kids to make something useful craft that helps them in their early childhood development.

Supplies: Egg carton; paints like pink, yellow and baby blue; white foams; masking tapes; pink pom-poms; googly eyes; black marker; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 7-10 years

Baby Sea Turtles From Recycled Egg Carton Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Emma Owl

This recycled egg carton of baby sea turtles is both easy and fun to make. It just needed a few supplies with an egg box, and add googly eyes, pom-poms to give the baby turtle face and a personality. Now ready with your cute baby sea turtles that are ready to release in the sea.

Supplies: Egg carton; green cardboard as feet; pom-poms; googly eyes; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 3-6 years

Yarn Unicorn Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Annie Rachelle

In this upcycled unicorn egg carton craft we are going to use yarn to decorate. These little unicorn heads are just perfect for party decorations, classrooms, or souvenirs to your kid’s lunchbox. It is an interesting craft to make and a little more than adorable to look at.

Supplies: Egg carton; pink yarn; googly eyes; white paint; orange craft paper; black marker; and a glue gun.

Suitable for: 4-8 years

Buzzing Bee Egg Carton Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

This yellow bumblebee is a great way of encouraging your child’s curiosity towards nature and its protectors. Teach them the value of bees how they pollen the flowers and how it affects our whole floral and fauna ecosystem. This craft will surely help young minds to create interest in our Earth.

Supplies: Egg carton; yellow paint and paintbrush; black yarn; white craft paper; black market; googly eyes; and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

Egg Box Vehicles

Image Source/Tutorial: Wonderbly

In our childhood, even our kids still play with any objects as imagery race cars, trucks, and buses. Let’s surprise them with a creative way to make their cars from egg cartons. So they can compete in the race tracks.

Supplies: Egg boxes; lollipop and toothpicks; acrylic paints; scissors, and a glue gun.

Suitable For: 8-12 years

Egg Carton Little Mermaid Dolls

ddd Image Source/Tutorial: Art Camp

We all have watched the Disney Little mermaid movie. I don’t know how many times I have watched to count. It was my favorite Disney character. So, when the opportunity arrived why not make our little mermaid dolls for ourselves. These little mermaid dolls bring the nostalgia of our childhood.

Supplies: Egg carton used as tail; mermaid templates; paper tube; acrylic paints; paintbrushes; gold jingle bells; twine; scissors; and a glue-gun.

Suitable For: 4-9 years

Egg Carton Fairy House Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Family Fun

From early childhood, children have a fascination with little fairies, Tinker Bell, and their little magic land. So, here is the chance to create their fairy house craft with recycling craft with egg cartons. Fairy houses are tiny little things that are magical and colorful.

Supplies: Egg cartons; acrylic paints; washi tape; toothpick, and scissors.

Suitable For: 5-8 years

An Egg Carton Crafted Apple Keeps Your Boredom Away

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Family Fun

Now, here is the craft that is quirky and cute to make. It makes a great appreciation gift for your teachers that can be kept for a long time to admire. To make it more interesting we fill up the apples with small sugar treats.

Supplies: Egg carton; red acrylic paint; small stick; green card stock; and glue gun.

Suitable For: 4-8 years

A Recycled Egg Carton Souvenir For Beach Lovers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree


Here is another great way to include all the treasures the kids found on the beach and turn them into something that can be kept as souvenirs to remind them what was a great day you and your kids spent on the beach.

Supplies: Whole egg cartons; different shade of blue and glitters; colored cards and tissue paper; small she shells and pebbles from the beach; glue gun.

Suitable For: 8-12 years

At last, we came up with great creative craft ideas to use our old egg cartons. The kids enjoyed every moment and turned them into recycled homemade decorations, games, and more. They learned the great value of recycling used egg cartons and enhancing their creativity and motor skills.

For more interesting craft ideas, be sure to check out our huge collection of DIY crafts on our website. 

Which recycled egg carton crafts ideas for kids did you like the most? Make sure to leave your feedback in our comment section.

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