Fruit Alphabet Book for Kids


Learning is tough to process and what’s more difficult is teaching small children who are beginners. So to solve this problem we are here with some amazing study material for your small children which will create interest in children regarding study due to which they can focus more on their learning which results in better academic performance. Learning from a good study material leads to a better understanding of the concepts in a child as a strong foundation helps children throughout their life. the beautiful and colorful words attract toddlers which helps kids to learn the alphabet of English more easily and conveniently.

Learning through this cool study material makes learning fun for your toddler. These vibrant color study materials will definitely help young children or toddlers in letter recognition along with learning different fruits’ names which is a dual benefit that your child gets. So what are you waiting for a just gift your child an amazing toolkit to learn in a much more fun and interesting manner. Happy learning!!


Fruit Alphabet Book


Fruit Alphabet Book Cover

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A For Apple

A For Apple Fruit Alphabet

B For Banana

B For Banana Fruit Alphabet

C For Cherry

C For Cherry Fruit Alphabet

D For Dragon Fruit

D For Dragon Fruit Alphabet

E For Elderberry

E For Elderberry Fruit Alphabet

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F For Fig

F For Fig Fruit Alphabet

G For Grapes

G For Grapes Fruit Alphabet

H For Honeysuckle

H For Honeysuckle Fruit Alphabet

I For Ita Palm

I For Ita Palm Fruit Alphabet

J For Jackfruit

J For Jackfruit Fruit Alphabet

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K For Kiwi

K For Kiwi Fruit Alphabet

L For Lemon

L For Lemon Fruit Alphabet

M For Mango

M For Mango Fruit Alphabet

N For Nectarine

N For Nectarine Fruit Alphabet

O For Orange

O For Orange Fruit Alphabet

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P For Pineapple

P For Pineapple Fruit Alphabet

Q For Quince

Q For Quince Fruit Alphabet

R For Red Currant

R For Red Currant Fruit Alphabet

S For Strawberry

S For Strawberry Fruit Alphabet

T For Tangerine

T For Tangerine Fruit Alphabet

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U For Ugli Fruit

U For Ugli Fruit Alphabet

V For Voavanga

V For Voavanga Fruit Alphabet

W For Watermelon

W For Watermelon Fruit Alphabet

X For Ximenia

X For Ximenia Fruit Alphabet

Y For Yumberry

Y For Yumberry Fruit Alphabet

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Z For Zapote

Z For Zapote Fruit Alphabet

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