How do bees communicate with each other?

How do bees communicate with each other

Bees are known for their unique way of communicating through dance movements. Scout bees especially use this method to inform others about the location of food sources.



1. What is the purpose of the bees’ dance?

A) To entertain the colony
B) To show dominance
C) To indicate the location of food sources
D) To prepare for migration

2. Which type of bee will most likely dance to communicate?

A) Queen bee
B) Worker bee
C) Drone
D) Scout bee

3. What information can bees convey through their dance?

A) The color of the flowers
B) The exact species of the flowers
C) The distance and direction of the food source
D) The time of day

4. How do bees indicate the direction of the food source in their dance?

A) By the loudness of their buzz
B) By the duration of the dance
C) By the angle of the dance to the sun
D) By the color of their dance


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