Flower Crafts for Kids of All Ages

The spring season is just around the corner. And in this season, we all love watching flowers blossom, leaves and branches grow whilst enjoying the pleasant weather. This is also the best time for children to learn different and creative flower crafts. Flower crafts are best for kids and toddlers as they are easy and material and quite affordable. This spring season, we have some lovely flower crafts ideas for you to try out with your children.


Flower Crafts for kids

1. Cupcake Flower

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

We all love cupcakes, but have you ever envisaged making flowers from cupcake liners? Yes, this is possible and rather fascinating for toddlers. All you will need are cupcake liners of two different sizes, a straw, and a button. They are easy to make and look attractive too.

2. Paper Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Non-Toy Gifts

Paper flowers are ideal for students. Once made, they can be used later for decoration of the class and notice board. They are easy to make and look beautiful too each distinct from the other. To make this paper flower, you will need red, white, yellow, and green craft paper. Cut the paper and fold it properly according to the instructions provided. Then, stick them neatly and you are done with making stylish paper flowers.

3. Paper Flower Jewelry

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun     

This flower jewelry looks so beautiful and elegant. And this spring, I recommend you try them. To make this, you will need sheets of colorful chart paper. Quill them correctly and stick them perfectly. And Wallah, you are done with your DIY flower finger rings. This workout is ideal for school-age children.

4. Lavender Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: kids craft room

Lavender flowers are very easy to make and perfect for students lying in the age group between 8 and 15. For crafting this, you will need lavender or purple-colored crepe paper, green craft paper, and a straw. Cut the lavender-colored paper properly and cover the straw with green paper. Stick the lavender paper on the straw and you will get these lavender flowers. They are relatively simple to make revealing the best way to recycle paper creatively and excitingly. 

5. Colorful Paper Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Paper flowers are very easy and simple and you use them to decorate your home. Try it with your children because it is simple, inexpensive, and takes little time. To make these flowers, you will need colorful craft sheets and green paper. Cut the colorful papers and roll the edges. Roll the green paper and make a straw. Stick the colorful papers all around the straw and you are done with paper flowers. You can use and make flowers of as many colors as you want to.

6. Paper Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: our kid things

With paper, you can make flowers of any shade you want. Any color and any shape. To create this flower, you will need some colorful charts, glue, and scissors. Cut them carefully in the before mentioned shapes and stick them on the top of the other neatly. You are done with your colorful flowers! They are simple and inexpensive, and, in fact, the best out of the lot.

7. Wool Sunflowers

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Sunflowers are one of the most glamourous flowers and are easy to make. To make this lovely sunflower, you’ll need yellow, orange, and green wool, as well as a straw. Roll them properly and add green wool to the straw. Stick the orange color ring in the middle of yellow whorls and yup! You are done with the making of a sunflower. This technique proves best for creative students and toddlers too.

8. Card Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

We all have waste cards with us. So why throw them out when you can recycle and reuse them? How about turning them into flowers? To make this card, you’ll need a card and a straw. Cut the card into a flower shape and stick it to the straw. Your cute flower card is complete. With this craft, you will teach your kids the importance of recycling and how to make an easy craft out of discarded things. These flowers can be used to decorate your balcony, school, or kids’ room.

9. Painted Paper Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Painting with watercolors is a relaxing job, and you can make it paint your flowers too. To make these colorful mixed paint flowers, all you need is different water paints, a white sheet, and straw. These vibrantly colored painted flowers look stunning and are ideal to be experimented with for toddlers and school kids. Sit down in the afternoon with your kids to enjoy painting and making flowers.

10. Paper Daffodils

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Colorful paper daffodils are not only looking beautiful also is easy. And the best part is that children of any age group can make these daffodils. All you will need is colorful craft papers. Cut the papers carefully. And you will create lovely daffodils. This is the simplest craft for the spring season and can also be used for decoration.

11. Heart Paper Flower

Image Source/Tutorial: hello, Wonderful

Heart-shaped flowers and love is all we need in our life and are best for toddlers and craft-loving kids. To create this flower, you will need colorful paper and a straw. Cut the paper into the heart-shaped flower and stick it on the straw. It appears to be not only lovely but elegant also.

12. Paper Flower Vase

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

A paper flower vase is the easiest papercraft and is affordable too. To make this craft, you will need paper and colors. Cut the paper into a vase shape and color it. Also, make the flowers, cut them, and stick them on the sheet. You are done. This is the easiest and best for the kids who have just started making crafts.

13. Flower bouquet

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun with Mama

To make this flower bouquet you will need craft paper and glue. Cut the papers into flower shapes and stack them neatly. and you will get this cute little flower frame.

14. Rolled Roses

Image Source/Tutorial:  canary street crafts

Quilling crafts are artful, and all you will need is a quilling set. This is the best craft for craft-loving people as they will learn a new art. Quilling art also increases the concentration level. Roses made by quilling are magnificent and even used as decorative pieces.

15. Paper Flower

Image Source/Tutorial: hey let’s make stuff

To make this paper flower, you will need colorful paper. Cut the paper into the proper shape of a flower and stick them. These flowers can be used in the wedding season or for any party decoration. This requires fewer efforts so kids enjoy a lot while making this.

16. Colorful flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks


Colorful flowers and spring go side by side. You should try this with your youngster. To make this, you will need a white sheet, watercolors, and scissors. Color the white sheet with the colors. Cut the paper into flower shapes in different shapes and stick them properly. and make your colorful flowers. This is ideal for toddlers and a young one.

17. Colorful paper flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: create and babble

Colorful flowers are so pleasing to our eyes. They are not only just fabulous also add coolness to our eyes. This spring season, you can make these colorful paper flowers. They are easy, affordable, and less time-consuming. All you need is some colorful chart paper. Cut them, stack them neatly and you are done with your colorful paper flowers. You must try it with your school kids.

18. Felt Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: the craft train

Because felt is king in the crafting world, you can make as many things as you want out of it. And this time, you should try felting flowers. If you have an old bag and you want to give it a new look, then you must try your hands at this craft. And it is best for school kids. All you will need is felt, fabric glue, and scissors. Cut the clothes into a flower shape, one big and one small, and cut one into a round shape. Stick them according to their size, and you can even sew them together and you will be ready with this innovative flower.

19. Thread flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: little bins for little hands

Thread flowers are so easy and a new skill you will teach your kids. You’ll need some colorful threads, nails, and a thermocol to make this. Pin nails on the thermocol and use threads to make flowers. This is an easy craft, but it should be performed carefully as children might hurt themselves with a nail while making this.

20. Spoon Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: kid-friendly things to do

We always have leftover plastic spoons and straws, but did you know you can turn them into beautiful flowers? Yes, to make this you will need colorful plastic spoons and a straw. Stick the spoon around the straw and it will look like a flower bud. and that’s it. You can put them in a flowerpot and use them to decorate your balcony. This is an easy craft and can be made by a toddler or a kid between the ages of 5 and 15. This craft will also teach children how to reduce waste and recycle it beautifully.

Let this spring season be all about color, crafts, and flowers. Making crafts is a lot of fun. And your kids will learn a lot while making crafts, like how it increases their imagination level, their creativity level, and their concentration level. These flower crafts are easy, affordable, and less time-consuming, and they are the best way to recycle. By making these crafts, you can easily spend your time creatively with your kids.

To learn some more interesting crafts, check other articles on Kidpid. And if you loved these easy paper flowers, let us know in the comment section. keep creating and keep learning.

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