How do trees grow?

How do trees grow

Trees absorb water and nutrients from the soil through their roots. These nutrients are essential for growth and development.



1. What part of the tree makes food using sunlight?

A) The trunk
B) The roots
C) The leaves
D) The branches


2. How do trees grow taller?

A) By adding layers to their roots
B) By shedding leaves
C) By adding layers to their trunks
D) By spreading their branches wider


3. What is the process called that trees use to make food from sunlight?

A) Respiration
B) Photosynthesis
C) Transpiration
D) Condensation


4. How do trees reproduce?

A) By laying eggs
B) By producing seeds
C) By releasing spores
D) By splitting in two


5. What helps trees absorb water from the soil?

A) Leaves
B) Flowers
C) Roots
D) Bark


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