How your muscles system works?

How your muscles system works?

We perform our daily activities because of muscles because of its flexibility and growth. We have more than 600 muscles in all different shapes and sizes. There are basically 3types of muscles like skeletal muscles, cardiac and smooth muscles. Skeletal muscles give our body power and strength and are the only voluntary muscles of the body whereas Cardiac muscles are the reason of our heart beating and smooth muscles are in our intestines, stomach, and bladder. They all are involuntary muscles. Kids don’t need to do hectic exercises to build muscles just eat well and play sports.

Movements, all the body movements like running, walking, swimming, carrying any object, writing, kicking football, volleyball, playing games like cricket, badminton, baseball, taekwondo, judo and so many other things are only possible because of our muscular system.

Our muscular system is the reason for our daily activities, flexibility, and growth. How? Do you want to know how muscular system works? If yes, then let’s get started from the beginning.



Did you know that a person has more than 600 muscles in all different shapes and sizes? Every muscle has got different functions to perform or job to do. There are 3 kinds of different muscles in the body. Skeletal muscles are one of the types of muscles and are voluntary muscles and the other two kinds of muscles are cardiac and smooth muscles and are both involuntary muscles.

What do you mean by voluntary and involuntary muscles?

It must be confusing you. Let me clear this thing as it’s very important. Voluntary muscles are those which can’t move on their own, a person first has to think before moving any voluntary muscles like walking, running, punching, hitting, biting, speaking, tickling, cycling etc. whereas involuntary muscles are those who move on their own without you having to think about them or these functions don’t need any kind of permission before doing their functions like beating of heartbeat, blood flowing, blinking of an eye, digestion of food. The functions performed by involuntary muscles don’t need any support like voluntary muscles do before doing anything or any work.

Skeletal muscles

Skeletal muscles give our body power and strength. Skeletal muscles are the only voluntary muscles of the body. Skeleton muscles cover the bones or skeleton. Different sizes and varies shapes in skeleton muscles are there to help the body to perform different types of activities.

Cardiac and smooth muscles

Cardiac muscles help our heart beating. The thick muscles of the heart contract (shrink, decrease in size) to pump blood out and then relax to let blood back after it’s circulated throughout the body. And smooth muscles are found in our intestines, stomach, and bladder. Cardiac and smooth muscles are involuntary muscles because you can’t control these muscles and their movements.

How do our muscles work?

How do our muscles get the idea that it’s time to start working? Or in simple words how do our muscles work?

When we people decide to do some movements then our brain directly sends a message to our spinal cord through the nerves then the nerves contract the muscles you want to move. Sensors in the muscles also react and send a message back to the brain and the result is the smooth and coordinated movements.

Muscles work by expanding and contracting. Muscles do have long thin cells that are grouped into bundles. Many of muscles comes in pair like an example of muscles is the biceps and triceps our muscles. When our biceps contracts triceps relax, this way leads our arm bending. And when we straight our arm back out the opposite happens biceps will relax here and triceps will start to contract.

How can one person build strong healthy muscles?

There are plenty of things that a person can do to build strong muscles. Like kids don’t have to pull weights or any heavy exercise just you have to play games, normal exercises, and sports like swimming, football, crickets’ etc, intake of nutritious food and balanced diet. Proteins are very important for strong muscles. Intake of proteins can be done through meat, eggs, peanut butter or tofu etc.

A video attached below for detail explanation-

Some amazing facts about muscles

  • The cardiac heart muscles do the most work of any muscle over lifetime than any other muscles.
  • It takes 43 muscles to make a frowning face and 17 muscles only to smile.
  • Skeletal muscles can be divided further into two parts name- slow twitch and fast twitch.
  • Working on muscles makes them more and more strong.
  • Muscles are made up of special cells which are called muscles fibers
  • The Largest muscle of the muscles in the body is the gluteus maximus.
  • Body’s smallest muscle is in the inner ear.
  • Muscles and bones are tied up together with the help of tendons.
  • 40% of the total body weight is due to the muscles and rest bones.
  • Muscles usually work in pairs.

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