Spider Crafts for Kids

Who likes real creepy crawlies? I’m sure no one but all of these cute spider craft projects will have you smiling and wanting to make more I promise! These spider craft ideas are likely to be a hit with whichever age group of kids you are engaged in crafting with.

These adorable spider crafts are also perfect for any Spider lesson plans and various activities. We’ve got easy spider crafts for toddlers, preschool spider activities, and a few more difficult spider projects that will appeal to secondary children as well.

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Spider Crafts for Kids

1. Yarn Spider Craft

Spider Crafts for Kids Yarn Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: hellowonderful. co

Create Cute Yarn Spiders by following the description below!

Autumn and Halloween are two of the most enjoyable seasons of the year to create a whole web full of easy yarn spiders. You won’t mind having these tiny fellows around because they’re so cute. You just need some various sizes of Styrofoam balls to wrap yarn around them.

Then place two holes on each side of your yarn ball and insert your pipe cleaners. At last, just glue on your googly-eyes, and your cute and colorful yarn spiders are ready to admire.

2. Paper Spider Craft

Spider Crafts for Kids Paper Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: theinspirationedit.com

Let’s celebrate spider! Bring your paper and make some adorable paper spiders.

These cute paper spiders are super easy to make. You just need some construction paper and start folding over and over again. Then remove the excess paper from the bottom of the spider web, and angle the cut in slightly, so that the spider web is concave on the outside when unfolded. Just remember the thinner the material you can work with, the better.

3. Paper Plate Spider Web

Spider Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Spider Web
Image Source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids.com

Improve your kid’s motor development through this activity.

Our kids had a lot of fun threading yarn through the holes in the paper plates. This activity is good for your kid’s fine motor development. You will just need some basic supplies for making paper plates and I’m damn sure you will be totally satisfied with this activity because it not only make your kid smile but also improves your kid’s fine motor development.

4. Watercolor Spider Web

Spider Crafts for Kids Watercolor Spider Web
Image Source/Tutorial: onelittleproject.com

These watercolor spider webs are a lot of fun to make and always turn out well!

Everybody loves playing with watercolors whether he or she is a grown-up or a toddler. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable to settle down with a tray of paints and a blank sheet of paper. This activity of coloring spider web is very satisfying. You’ll just need some basic supplies for creating these wonderful spider webs.

Just in time for Halloween, make this lovely watercolor spider web! This is a fun activity for a Halloween party, but you could do it at any time of year!

5. Climbing Popsicle Stick Spider Craft

Spider Crafts for Kids Climbing Popsicle Stick Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: kidscraftroom.com

Bring your popsicle sticks and get ready to make some adorably cute homemade spiders.

This spider crafting activity is that’s great as a Halloween craft. Your kids will enjoy how simple it is to make these craft stick spiders, and they’ll have a blast pulling the strings to watch their spiders climb up and down the thread once they’re done!

Only you need to gather popsicle sticks, drinking straws, yarn, glue, paint, wiggle eyes.

To create spider legs lay down 4 popsicle sticks and fan them out. Add a drop of glue to each touching end, and lay 5 popsicles. Repeat this step in the opposite direction, and then you can make the spider body by gluing 5 popsicle sticks between the two sets of legs. Make your climbing mechanism with yarn, and at the last decorate with wiggle eyes.

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6. Origami Spider Corner Bookmark

Spider Crafts for Kids Origami Spider Corner Bookmark
Image Source/Tutorial: kiddycharts.com

Get rid of your simple bookmarks and try out making some cute spider bookmarks.

We have got a super fun Origami Spider Bookmark activity to share with you. All you will need is some origami sheets, scissors, marker, ruler, glue, and pencil. Grab your origami sheet and cut it into a square. Fold it in half and create a triangle, fold the triangle in half, and open up the fold.

The next step is to make your bookmark flap. Now take the left corner and bring it downward, then fold it, and tuck in the left corner. Similarly, fold the right corner. Gather all the spider elements and decorate your cute little spider bookmark.

7. Pine Cone Spiders

Spider Crafts for Kids Pine Cone Spiders
Image Source/Tutorial: firefliesandmudpies.com

This creepy-cute nature craft is ideal for Halloween.

Pine Cone Spiders are a Halloween craft, that kids of all ages will enjoy making. This creepy-cute nature craft is ideal for home, school, programs, and camp. These really cute pine cone spiders are an addition to the crannies, nooks, and shelves around your home!

8. Spooky Halloween Spider

A perfect combination of outdoor play, crafting, and creative painting.

Spooky Halloween Spider
Image Source/Tutorial: mypoppet.com.au

Are you ready for Halloween and of course for the spooky craft you are going to create, this Halloween! And I’m damn sure these will bring a smile to your face and you will try these out in every season. Get ready for an outdoor adventure, collect your pine cones and start making your spiky pine cone spiders, and decorate them with wiggle eyes.

9. Aluminum Foil Spiders

Turn the waste Aluminum foil in Funny Spiders.

Image Source/Tutorial: thejoysharing.com

If you’re going to dump the waste Aluminum foil, then just don’t, because we’re here with an amazing idea to make the spider crafts with Aluminum foil.  Only, You have to roll the aluminum foil in a circular shape, then stick google eyes and black paper for their legs on it and that’s it. Try to make this quick and amazing Aluminum foil spider craft idea and play with your friends with these little spiders.

10. Toilet paper roll pipe cleaner spiders

Let’s Be more creative by making these Toilet paper roll spiders with Pipe cleaners.

Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom.com

Use Your Waste Toilet paper to make these spiders. For making Toilet paper roll pipe cleaner spiders, all you need is Toilet paper rolls, Piper cleaners, Colorful sheets, Googly eyes, Hole maker, Glue gun, and scissors. You can also use these fun-loving spiders to clean your pipes or straws and I’m sure you’ll love to try these spiders.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Spider Craft

Say no to creepy stuff and enjoy crafting spiders.

Toilet Paper Roll Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: creativegreenliving.com

These spiders are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early primary students, to make. What’s great about this project is that it’s simple, and each child can make a spider that’s unique to them! You will just need some basic stuff, and enjoy this Halloween by playing with spiders with your kids.

12. Bobble Spider Craft

Looking for some fun craft, not spooky Halloween. This is all you need.

Bobble Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: artycraftykids.com

We have got Bobble Halloween Spider Craft which is ideal for parents or educators who don’t like spooky crafts for their kids. I’m sure your kids will love this fun craft. Kids will love how the spider appears to move and wobble on its colorful web thanks to the added bobble, giving the craft a dynamic and intriguing quality. This craft is also great for fine motor development skills.

13. Crawling Spider Craft

Create and learn about spiders through this craft.

Crawling Spider Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: teatimemonkeys.com

This adorable spider project is simple enough for kids to do. It’s made to be crawled by children’s hands, but it might also be worn as a bracelet! It’s a great non-scary Halloween craft for kids, but it also works nicely if you’re teaching bug units or body parts. You can have them practice numbers too.

14. Pom Pom Tarantula Spider

Make a cute little Pom Pom Tarantula spider embellish Halloween decoration.

Pom Pom Tarantula Spider
Image Source/Tutorial: familiesmagazine.com.au

Kids can easily make Pom-pom tarantula spiders, only you have to gather Black yarn, googly eyes, a glue gun, pipe cleaners, a large fork, and scissors. These Pom Pom tarantula spiders are so adorable that kids love to play with them, moreover, these spiders perfectly go with the Halloween vibe. 

15. Happy Spider Halloween Craft

Great activity for learning shapes and colors.

Happy Spider Halloween Craft
Image Source/Tutorial: livinginhappyplace.com

This Halloween activity is simple, to make, takes little time to put together, and uses stuff you probably already have in the house. It’s simple enough for toddlers to make, but only with adult supervision. Grab your paper plate, construction paper, glue stick, and scissor, and start creating your Happy Spider Halloween Craft.

16. Legged Spider

This Halloween, make 8 legged spider that is unique and joyful.

Legged Spider
Image Source/Tutorial: getyourholidayon.com

8 legged spiders, make kids very enthusiastic, kids filled with immense joy after wearing this. You might think that 8 Legged spiders are quite hard to make but trust me, you can make this spider in just 3 steps, all you need is waste cardboard, black sheet paper, black and white colors,  a glue gun, and tape. I’m sure you gonna love playing with this 8 legged spider.

17. DIY Beaded Christmas Spider

Decorate your house with these enchanting DIY Beaded Christmas spiders.

Diy Beaded Christmas Spider
Image Source/Tutorial: danslelakehouse.com

Beaded Christmas spider is quite tricky to make but you don’t have to worry, once you get to learn how to make it,  I’m sure you’ll make the best alluring beaded Christmas spider. For the making of this, you need Gauge wire, Eye pin, and different types of bead ornaments.

Make an effort to make these attractive spiders with the help of your parents or an elder sibling and also gift it to your friends to make them smile.

18. Cricut Halloween Spider Vases

Adorn your Halloween by putting these Cricut Halloween spider vases.

Cricut Halloween Spider Vases
Image Source/Tutorial: singlegirlsdiy.com

Enhance your creativeness by making these Cricut Halloween vases, these vases will make your Halloween decorations more beautiful, for making these vases, you need Cricut joy and Cricut tools, glass jars, painting colors, paintbrush, and scissors. It will take some time to get ready, but it’s worthy of all the efforts, I surely suggest you make these Cricut Halloween vases.

Hopefully, you will like these Spider crafts for kids, and it will feel so good if you will try to make these crafts, and if you love these crafts, also read more posts for more creative ideas, and do let me know in the comment section which Spider craft idea you like the most.

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