Rainbow Single Digit Addition Worksheets – Free Printables

Today, we are here with rainbow single digit addition worksheets for kindergarten kids. Let’s enjoy learning with these free printables.


Learning the basic Maths – ADDITION

  • Addition is the process of calculating the total of two or more numbers or amounts.
  • It is the basic of all mathematics.
  • Brahmagupta discovered addition along with subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • The plus sign ‘ + ‘ is used to denote an addition. Example : 2+2
  • The answer to addition is called the Sum. Example : 2+2= 4
  • Addition of small numbers can be done with the help of our fingers too.
  • Adding zero ‘0’ to any number gives the sum as the number itself.
  • It doesn’t matter in which order we add a group of numbers together as the answer will always be the same. Example: 1+2+3+4 gives the same answer (10) as 4+3+1+2.

How to master the Addition skills:

  • We can use addition in our everyday situation.
  • When travelling we can add up the distance. Example: 5 (km)+ 6(km)= 11 (km)
  • We can use addition in counting money.
  • We should avoid using tricks as more tricks will lead to more confusion.
  • We should also avoid doing the addition in our head as a kid because as a kid you should learn and practice the exact method.
  • We can randomly pick up any number and can ask the kid to answer it. It will help the parents and the teachers to know that the kid is not mugging up the homework and instead is trying their best to learn the Addition problems method.
  • If a kid takes less than five seconds he/she has mastered the Addition method.

How to make the exercises interesting

  • By using color scheme. Human brains are attracted to colors. Using different colors will make the task more interesting and the child will also pay attention.
  • Parents can make it interesting at home by giving their kids various tasks and tell them that if they will finish it at a given time they will win various prizes. This method will  help a child in developing their speed and accuracy.
  • Games make the learning process more fun. Worksheets are great for games , as it will also give your kid a written practice and hence will also improve their handwriting.
  • Keep revising. If a kid has mastered an easy addition , don’t just jump to a difficult one. Keep mix and matching. It will help make their memory stronger. Example: your kid has learnt how to do smaller additions like 3+3 , 4+5 etc.. then start giving them three numbers to add but for a start pick up a number less then 10 . Example: 2+3+6.

Rainbow Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Write the answer to the addition problem n the blank provided in the worksheets. You can also color the rainbow in your free time.

Printable 1

Printable 2

Printable 3

Printable 4

Printable 5

Printable 6

Printable 7

Printable 8

Printable 9

Printable 10

As a Parent one should always have faith in their children. Education and knowledge is not related to age. So, if your child is taking time in learning things, let them take their time. Instead of shouting at them support them in building their confidence. If he/she faces a problem in solving any question make them understand with patience, also try to tell them the solution in pieces. Practice will make them faster. Remember the fact that ‘Slow and steady always wins the race’.

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