Wild Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten

Ever visited a zoo?? Or ever saw a giant elephant on television?? Ever saw a lion on televisions or heard its roar?? Why don’t they live with us as cats and dogs like pets? Ever thought about that? ’cause these animals are wild, that is, they don’t need humans’ assistance. They live in the forest away from the humans or towns.

The following worksheets includes such animals. Take a look to these and enhance your knowledge. Let’s get lost in the world of wild animals, with Zebras, monkeys, lions and tigers. We bring to you an entire package of wild animals. Let your child visualize the hidden beauty of these species.

Here we come with a wide variety of series of worksheets for your child. Let your child learn everything in a playful way. To begin with, here’s a matching scheme, identify the animals given alongside.

Wild Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten

The above worksheet includes the following animals:

  • Zebra- with strips of black and white these are found in the forest , terrified by the lions these zebras feed on grass
  • Kangaroo- with a pouch (brood pouch) on their abdomen, these are generally natives of Australia
  • Elephants- the big fat and giant animal with a trunk and great tusks
  • Giraffe – the tallest of all the animals, feeding on tree leaves

The following worksheets contains pictures of various wild animals. Tick the correct name of the animal given alongside :-

The following worksheet includes tracing the initial letters of the wild animals.

Let’s take this to another level. Now search for the words given in the puzzle. Identify the animals and find their names in the puzzle. Let the search begin:

Let’s get lost in the world of animals…

We hope that this helps your child to learn and enjoy at the same time. It’s not just knowledge that matters but intelligence too!!

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