Reindeer Crafts for Kids

We all know that Santa Claus is the man who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve, but he can’t do it without his trusty reindeer. We enjoy making a variety of Christmas projects with the kids, but Santa’s reindeer and reindeer crafts have always been a favorite of mine.

With the Best Reindeer Crafts that your kids will love to do this holiday season, you can see how cute Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and the rest of Santa’s company look. The list (like Santa’s list) is sure to amaze you with a slew of reindeer-making ideas.


Red Nose Reindeer

This Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids is great for toddlers and preschoolers, but it’s also fun for older kids!

Image Source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

On a lighter shade of brown construction paper, trace your child’s hand. Cut off the traced construction paper handprints using scissors. On the darker tone of construction paper, draw the shape of ears. Allow your youngster to cut out the ears as well. Attach the ears, antlers, wiggly eyes, and pom nose to the brown paper plate with a glue stick. Attach a loop of string or a pipe cleaner to the back of the paper plate so that the reindeer can be hung on the Christmas tree!

Paper Ball Reindeer Craft

Let’s build a paper ball reindeer craft!

Image Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Make four paper strips. We made cutouts that spanned the breadth of an A4/letter-sized piece of paper.
Apply a small amount of glue to the paper strip’s center. Place a second paper strip, centered and at a 90-degree angle, on top of the first. Place the other two on top of the first two, evenly spaced. Add more strips as necessary, trying to keep them as equally spaced as possible. Next, use glue to adhere one end of one paper strip to the other.

Make a circle loop with the opposite end of the same paper strip by gluing it to the first end. Repeat with the remaining paper strips until you have a nice-looking paper ball. Antlers should be cut out of a darker construction paper. Apply glue to the bottom of the L-shaped fold. Place them on the paper ball’s top. Add two wiggle eyes or googly eyes to the mix. It’s finished! You’ve finished your Paper Ball Reindeer Craft!

Twig Reindeer

It’s the season for festive Christmas ornaments that are both fun and festive!

Image Source/Tutorial: firefliesandmudpies

Only a few materials are required for this adornment, one of which can be obtained for free on the ground. This craft is great for a group of kids because it’s self-explanatory, strengthens fine motor skills, and is easy to do.

Reindeer Card

Preschoolers and older children can make a simple Christmas reindeer card for their teachers, grandparents, or other significant persons in their lives with just a few craft supplies.

Image Source/Tutorial: nontoygifts

Make two little holes in the card’s top. Adhere the eyes to the card with glue. I used a pencil to put little lines on the card to help the boys figure out where the eyes and nose should go. Glue the nose to the inside of the eyes.
Insert a brown pipe cleaner into the holes you created earlier. To make the antlers, cut the pipe cleaner in half.
Attach the antlers to the card with glue. If you’re using standard school glue or a glue stick, put a book or two on top of the card and wait a few minutes for the antlers to adhere to the card. Mom can jump in with her hot glue gun if the youngsters’ patience is wearing thin.

Santa Handprint Ornament

Make these salt dough handprint ornaments with your kids for a fun Christmas craft. Make a Santa, elf, or reindeer handprint ornament.

Image Source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

Allow to dry after painting the center of the face. It’s possible that you’ll need two coats of paint. Next, paint the hat’s top and thumb red, and the beard’s bottom white. Before you add any other craft items to the ornament, make sure it’s sealed (see our recommended sealers above). Fill the brim of the hat with cotton balls. Add the pom nose and googly eyes. For a mustache, stretch out another cotton ball and glue it down on each side of the pom-pom. Attach the white pom to the hat’s bottom. Brown paint the entire handprint.

Paint the light bulbs in a variety of colors, such as yellow, red, green, and blue. Outline the light bulbs with a black Sharpie, then add some white paint to the side for reflection. Attach the light bulbs to the handprint with glue. This is best done using hot glue (adults only). Then, using a black Sharpie, draw on the light strings.

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Yarn Wrap Reindeer

Your kids will love making this yarn wrapped reindeer project!

Image Source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of the most well-known Christmas icons, and he’s a personal favorite of ours. With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the ideal time to break out your favorite Rudolph children’s book or watch the iconic film and then make a cute reindeer craft.
The yarn wrapping and clothespins in this fun craft not only make it gorgeous, but they also provide fantastic fine motor practice for kids.

Egg Carton Reindeer Craft

Fun, Creative and Adorable craft to make for this Christmas!

Image Source/Tutorial: craftymorning

This craft is very simple to make just gather some supplies like Egg carton, Red pom, Googly eyes, Brown card stock paper,  glue gun and Brown paint. For making this Begin by separating the egg carton into individual cups. Allow the children to paint them brown and let them dry. Attach googly eyes and a red pom to the nose. I tried using a glue gun. With card stock paper, cut out some reindeer ears/antlers and adhere them to Rudolph.

Reindeer Footprint Christmas Cards

Create the enjoyable Reindeer footprint Christmas cards and send it to your close ones.

Image Source/Tutorial: emmaowl

Just follow some basic steps to make these adorable Reindeer Footprint Christmas cards. For making this craft, Make a print of your footprint on the card. You can print the best one onto a larger piece of paper and then cut it out! It’s time to give your reindeer a face once your footprint has dried. After that, add a pom nose, two antlers, and googly eyes! The footprint reindeer was then adhered on a red card as the last stage.

Reindeer Headband Craft

Wear this Cute Reindeer Headband and enjoy your Christmas to the fullest!

Image Source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom

We’re going to show you how to make a reindeer headband today, along with a free printable template. It’s a simple and enjoyable Christmas craft for children! For making this you need materials like Kraft paper or brown card stock, Colored card stock, Red glitter card stock, Scissors, Glue stick, and a Reindeer template. I will definitely recommend you to make this Joyful craft.

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Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament

Making Mason jar lid Reindeer ornament is the best example of making the best out of waste.

Image Source/Tutorial: happyhooligans

If you have some mason jar lids on hand and your kids want to do some holiday crafting, they can build a few of these reindeer to put on your Christmas tree. This craft is so easy to make and looks splendid on your Christmas decoration. For making this craft you need these supplies: mason jar lid (inner and outer pieces), brown paint, brown or beige pipe cleaner, googly eyes, red pom, glue gun, and thread. Surely try this craft with your friends.

Fingerprint Reindeer Ornament

Make your Christmas decoration more stunning by adding this beautiful Fingerprint Reindeer ornament to it.

Image Source/Tutorial: theeducatorsspinonit

This lovely fingerprint reindeer ornament is simple to make and will look great on your Christmas tree. Inspired by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which fully goes with whole Christmas vibes. What could be more Joyful than having your own Rudolph ornament? In less than 15 minutes, you can make a fingerprint reindeer ornament with just a few things! All you need is a Black permanent marker, a Clear plastic ball ornament, Red and brown paint to give a reindeer look, a paper plate or plastic lid, and Baby Wipes.

Rudolph Christmas Bookmarks

Make these very attractive and adorable Rudolph Christmas bookmarks for you and your friends.

Image Source/Tutorial: gluesticksgumdrops

Christmas is the happiest season of the year! So be ready to make merry with all your favorite books when you have these festive reindeer Christmas bookmarks. For making these Adorable bookmarks all you need is White cardstock If you are using a template otherwise you can use Colored cardstock, Pencil, Scissors, Markers or pens, and Craft glue, also Use the free template to quickly create your own reindeer craft.

Hopefully, you like our Reindeer crafts for kids and I will definitely recommend you to try out some of these crafts ideas to make your Christmas More cheerful and jolly. If you want more craft ideas then surely read more posts on, also let me know in the comment section which Reindeer craft you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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