Seashells Addition Math Games Worksheet for Kids

As adults, we mostly forget the pain we took to learn the simple most topics like arithmetic addition and subtraction, learning times tables, etc., and take these skills for granted. These are some of the most basic but essential skills anyone requires in their life.

These worksheets are made for getting a better grip on the addition part in arithmetic and are fully printable, which makes them the best resource online to learn and practice arithmetic addition and subtraction.


What does this worksheet include?

The shell worksheets come in all printable forms, which means you can print these worksheets and do the exercises comfortably at home. These worksheets include a collection of ten exercises where you need to add the two numbers drawn on the shell and write the answer on the third shell as asked. As practice makes a man perfect, a good amount of time spent on these worksheets will also help to hone your arithmetic skills.

These worksheets are made in such a way that, won’t feel like a hassle to you. There is nothing like having fun while doing or learning something. Having fun while doing something increases the slope of the learning curve by a  significant amount.

You’ll learn:

We have made these worksheets in such a way that we can make your learning process the most enjoyable and you never feel the learning as a burden. Using these printable worksheets with proper practice, you can effectively learn and practice the addition of two numbers, But before knowing “what” we will learn through these worksheets we should know the answer to “why” we should learn to add two numbers.

Arithmetic skills are something that is required in every sphere of life from basic to expert level. Knowing how to add two numbers will always help in the future where you might have to add two large numbers and this practice will help you as you won’t need to calculate the smaller additions, and this will help you to fasten the process.

The ability to add two numbers easily is one of the most essential and used skills you will require in every aspect of your life. So it will be a great head-start in this long journey of learning arithmetic.

Instructions to use this worksheet:

If our worksheets are used properly with proper planning, it would help a lot to learn how to add different numbers and prove to be one of the best resources where you can practice your skills of addition and subtraction.

You are advised not to practice all the exercises in a single go: it won’t be helping if you forget all the concepts learned by the next day. You need to keep in touch with the worksheets to get a tighter grip where this knowledge will be subconsciously stored in your brain and you would not have to think that much or mentally calculate things before telling the answers.

You can always extend the worksheet by picking some random numbers and adding or subtracting those. As the worksheets are printable, you can directly print and draw on them.

Daily practice will be useful in increasing the grip on the concept and will prove to be beneficial in learning the topic more strongly.

Interesting addition activities in the classroom

There is awesome fun yet useful activities which you can perform with your kids to teach them concepts like addition and subtraction.

We have a collection of fun activities, through them you can help your kid to perform better and learn the concepts easily without any extra hassle, as having some fun activities to perform at home helps a lot in getting a tighter grip on the concepts which you are practicing.

Asking your kids, the number of stories in some skyscrapers is a fun thing to do when traveling. It helps, building the unit-addition strength as they will be adding unit blocks of floors of the buildings.

Another fun activity is to roll two dice simultaneously and add whatever numbers come on dice. It is one of the most fun game activities listed here which you can involve in other games too. You can also play this game with cards. Use a deck of cards, pick one card and let your kid pick one, then add the two numbers on those cards.

Learning abacus or bead addition also helps in practicing addition and will hone your addition skills. You can use all the above activities together, to make them more interesting and fun.

You can always use our printable worksheets for your benefit. These worksheets are one of the best resources which will help a lot to learn arithmetic easily with fun

Seashells Addition Math Games Worksheet for Kids

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