Sweet Addition Worksheets for Kids

Addition is one of the four fundamental concepts of basic mathematics and arithmetic. It is one of the first things taught to kids who are new to the subject. It is essential for kids to practice addition as it is not only an important concept in mathematics but is also important in day-to-day aspects of routine life.

Sweet Addition Practice Worksheets

The following worksheets allow for kids to learn to find the sum of two numbers.Sweet Addition Worksheets for Kids

The task at hand is simple. Ask your student to count the number of sweets in each picture. There are two groups of sweets, he has to count them individually and then write the numbers in the box and at last, add the two numbers and write the sums of those two numbers in the box.

Sweet Addition Worksheets for Kids

Practice and consistency are the keys to success. The third worksheet allows for more practice. It is a good practice to not burden the kid with several sheets at once. Instead, allow him to take his time, make mistakes and learn.

Sweet Addition Worksheets for Kids

As the old adage goes; “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It is necessary to keep practicing. Introduce time-based testing to check your student’s skills and understanding. You can use the fourth sheet for that purpose.

Sweet Addition Worksheets for Kids

These worksheets would help students conceptualize additions and write the expressions used for addition by combining two groups of sweets as one. It is relatively easy and designed to encourage kids to tackle the rather intimidating problems of mathematics.

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