Tips to Write Perfect Answers

At Kidpid, we encourage people to ask questions and write answers. Asking good questions and writing a good answer is a skill that need to be refined and nourished. Here, we are listing few simple things that you can use to ask good questions and write better answers.

Tips to Ask Great Questions

Great questions are not difficult questions. A great question help you gain clarity of concepts and form the ground for new knowledge. A question can be related to anything, be it science, history or math. You can ask anything that bother you! But remember, your questions need to be complete, clear and crispy. Here is an example –

Why Sky is Blue?, is a great question. But it can be better if you can combine it with related questions like Why Are Sunsets Red? Does it have something to do with Scattering of light? So, a great question look like this

Why Sky is Blue? Is it the same reason Sunsets are Red? Does it have something to do with Scattering of light?

Tips to Write Perfect Answers

Format of the Answer: 

  • First identify the key concept related to the question.
  • Introduce the topic by using basic, every day observations as examples.
  • Make sure to describe the reason behind the phenomenon at a level that can be understood by readers of all ages.
  • Cover Key concepts with a detailed answer.

Points To Remember: 

  • Separate the different concepts and ideas into paragraphs of their own. This makes the article look more approachable and makes reading easier as well.
  • Introduce topics through everyday scenarios and examples as much as possible.
  • Try to keep the sentence as short and to the point as possible.
  • Any process or sequence should be written in bullet or numbered format.

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