Similar Words With Meaning And Example

Hello learner! We are here with a book of flashcards for you to learn the usage of similar words. Children get baffled about using the correct word in a sentence when there are similar words. You will be explained the meaning and where to use the word with an example of a sentence on two similar words. Teaching children these types of complicated topics can be a little difficult so we have designed their flashcards with an attractive design so that kiddos will be willingly learn through them!


Easy To Learn Similar Words With Meaning And Example

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Besides or Also

Besides or Also-Similar Words


Use besides at the beginning of a clause to add a fact or reason that is stronger than what you have already said:

eg: I’m too tired to go to the supermarket. Besides it is closed on Sunday.


To add extra information, use in addition or also:

eg: I speak English fluently. Also, I speak some French.

Cloth or Clothes

Cloth or Clothes-Similar Words


Cloth means woven material or a small piece of fabric:

eg: A washing-up-cloth


To talk about things that you wear/ garments/pieces of clothing, say clothes:

Clothes are always plural. To talk about one particular thing that you wear, say- a piece/item of clothing:

eg: She usually wears smart clothes.

Far or Away

Far or Away-Similar Words


Far is mainly used in questions and negative sentences to talk in general about distance in space or time:

eg: How far is Paris from London? London is not far from Paris.


To talk about a specific distance, say away:

eg: My best friend lives four miles away from my house.

Hire or Rent

Hire or Rent-Similar Words


In British English rent is used when you keep something for a long time:

In American English, the word rent is used in both situations.

eg: I rent a two-bedroom flat.


You hire something for a short time:

eg: We hired a car for a week.

Little or Small

little or Small-Similar Words


Use little when you want to express an attitude or feeling such as disapproval or affection:

eg: He is a mean, selfish little man. They have a sweet little dog.


To just refer to the size of something without expressing your feelings, use small:

eg: Their house is very small.

Right or True

Right or True-Similar Words


is usually used to say something is correct or to agree with something someone has said:

eg: He gave the right answer. ‘That’s right, they live in Central Paris’.


is usually to say that something is based on facts:

eg: ‘Is it true that she’s leaving?’ Everything I’ve told you is true.

Safety or Security

Safety or Security-Similar Words


is when someone or something is protected from the causes which do harm

eg: Remember to wear a helmet for safety while driving a bike. Children should have lessons in road safety.


means protecting someone or something against a threat or danger

eg: She works as a security guard. Airport security.

Say or Tell

Say or Tell-Similar Words


When talking about the truth, lies, jokes, news, stories, or secrets, use ‘tell’:

eg: I’m not sure he is telling the truth. I have some disturbing news to tell you.


When reporting other person’s words, use ‘say’:

eg: Tanya said she was going to the market. The doctor said I need to stop eating fast food.

Some or Any

Some or Any-Similar Words


is used in positive sentences.

Some are sometimes used in offers or requests, or other questions when we expect people to answer ‘yes’

eg: There are some flowers in the garden, but there aren’t any trees.


is used in questions and negative sentences:

eg: ‘Would you like some more coffee?’

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