What causes a meteor shower?

What causes a meteor shower

A meteor shower is caused when Earth passes through a stream of debris left by a comet or asteroid. As these particles enter Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up, creating the bright streaks in the sky known as meteors.



1. Where do the particles that cause a meteor shower come from?

A) The Moon
B) The Sun
C) Comets or asteroids
D) Other planets


2. What happens to the debris that causes a meteor shower when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere?

A) It turns into stars
B) It dissolves into thin air
C) It burns up, creating bright streaks
D) It falls to the ground as large rocks


3. Why do meteor showers happen at the same time each year?

A) Because the Earth’s atmosphere is clearer
B) Because of the alignment of the planets
C) Because the Earth passes through the same debris fields annually
D) Because the comets visit us yearly


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