Why do we have day and night?

Why do we have day and night

Day and night are caused by the Earth rotating on its axis. When a part of the Earth faces the sun, it experiences daylight, and when it turns away, it experiences nighttime.



1. How long does it take for the Earth to complete one rotation on its axis?

A) 24 hours
B) 365 days
C) 12 hours
D) 48 hours

2. What would happen if the Earth stopped rotating on its axis?

A) There would be constant daylight
B) The seasons would disappear
C) One side of the Earth would always be the day, and the other always night
D) The Earth would fall into the sun

3. Which of the following is NOT the result of the Earth’s rotation?

A) The change of seasons
B) The cycle of day and night
C) The occurrence of time zones
D) The phases of the moon

4. What is the term for the imaginary line that the Earth rotates around?

A) Equator
B) Axis
C) Orbit
D) Hemisphere


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