All About Internet for Kids

Internet for kids

Friends, you must have heard that your parents send letters or can chat with their friends on the computer. Sometimes your dad put games on it and stuff and you get to play them on weekends. All this is done using internet.

Do you know what is Internet?

The internet is all of the information you can access on your computer that is stored on someone else’s computer. It’s how you go to websites.

Let’s see how kids explain the internet.

Do you know what websites are?

When you need to do a project for school, your dad goes to the computer and types something in and then you see pictures and words which you can read. Friends, this is called a website. So website is a collection of related web pages that provides information. It is just like a book with many pages.

Do you know what webpages are?

It is a part of website. It contains text, pictures, sounds, videos or animation.

How big is the internet and is it part of the real world?

The internet is very big but it is not the part of the real world. The real world id made up of places like your school and your neighborhood and the real world has people who live in it like you. The internet is different from the real world because it exists only through computers. These computers are connected and that lets people from everywhere talk and share information with each other. Real people use the internet but imagine if people try to live inside their computer that’s just silly and it’s why the internet isn’t a real place. It is the tool people use to get information.

How are so many computers connected to each other?

The computers are connected through cables, telephone wires or through wireless media of communication is used for internet connection. So these computers with internet connection can easily access the information available from all around the world. Internet is the fastest means of communication.

Have you wondered how internet got started?

The internet started 50 years ago. The computers then filled the entire room. Various scientists and researchers contributed for the emergence of internet. Networks really began communicating with each other in 1975, so you can say that that was the starting of the internet. Email was also very important. It was just text and it looked boring. Then came www. It stands for world wide web. It is the largest collection of information in the form of websites on the Internet. Tim Berneers Lee is the founder of www. Then the internet expanded rapidly and steadily.

The internet is important because we need to communicate and most of us like doing it. Thus internet was not invented by anyone in particular, but when the building blocks were put together by the cool scientists, the internet became a communication tool, a retail tool, a research tool, a propaganda tool, a spying tool, a shopping tool and an entertainment tool.

What are the good things on the internet?

  • Share information with others.
  • Send and receive email messages.
  • Search information on any topic.
  • Chat online.
  • Listen to music and watch movies.
  • Buy or sell products.
  • Play online games.
  • Download songs and movies from the internet.
  • Participate in social networking.

What do we need for an internet connection?

The following things are needed for internet connection.

  • A computer
  • A telephone or cable line.
  • A modem or a network card.
  • Software or web browser.
  • A company providing the internet connection.

Is the internet for kids is safe?

Well, just a part of internet is made for kids. There are pictures and other things on the internet which the kids shouldn’t see. Also there are places on the internet where people say mean things about each other. These places aren’t fun and they are not safe for kids. You can follow the simple rules and avoid them. Think about this. There are places in the real world, places in your neighborhood maybe that aren’t safe for you. For example, you know you have to look both ways before you cross the street and you know it’s not safe to that to strangers or accept candy from them. These rules are simple and they keep you safe in the real world. Fortunately, there are simple rules of staying safe on the internet too.

In future, you’ll probably get on the computer and access the internet more. You’ll look at webpages more which is why I want to prepare you for that. Let’s get started by agreeing to some ground rules. Okay?

  • Since you are still in first grade, you’ll always ask permission before you get on the internet or any other website.
  • Make sure that your teacher and parents type the correct internet address in the address bar.
  • Do not type any information on the webpage unless you are told to do so by your parent or teacher because the information you type goes back to their computer, and you wouldn’t want to send information to anyone unless you have permission. For example, don’t ever type your name or your age on a webpage if you weren’t told to do so by your teachers and parents.
  • Don’t give anybody your student number or username or anything that helps you log in to a computer or webpage.

Your school website is the great place to start your training on the internet. It’s always a safe and useful website. Sometimes they will show you new information if you click on what are called links. It is a button on the webpage. It makes new information come up on the screen.

So friends, I hope that you can now surf the Internet on your own.


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