Best Preschool and Childcare in Newry (Northern Ireland, UK)

Kids have a high retention capacity of knowledge at a small age. Without proper schooling, this cannot be increased. So, If you are a parent from Newry city in Northern Ireland searching for the best preschool or daycares in the city for their kids then you are in the right place. So here is a list of the top 8 schools in the City.


Top Preschool and Childcare in Newry (Northern Ireland, UK)

1. Puzzles Childcare

With many years of educational experience, your kids must be provided with a basis for future learning and development. They use a play-based approach to educate kids and emphasize the early year’s foundation stage curriculum.

They encourage children to improve 7 areas of learning for instance communication, physical, personal and social development, mathematics, they have different types of rooms that ensure the full safety of an infant or toddler or even a preschool kid and provide them with adequate teachers and time to play indoors outdoors eat and enjoy the rest of the day arts and design besides that literacy.

They also organised official trips to two different places like museums, zoological parks monthly.

  • Location- 7 Cloghogue Business Park, Forkhill Road, Newry BT35 8WL
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 028 3082 5881
  • Fees- 120£/week

2. Child’s Play Day Nursery

This school is located near Rathfriland road away from the city. This child care is available from 12:15 p.m. T0 4 PM in the evening. The mission of the organisation is to provide proper education to all kids irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or special.

With their after school program, they are the supreme choice in the city since it operates specifically in the evening engaging all the kids in various physical activities and ensuring their safety at their homes.

They also offer additional programs other than academics like art and craft, play themed activities even kids can bring their games to the schools but that is under restriction and surveillance.

  • Location- 1 Rathfriland Rd, Banbridge BT32 3LH
  • Contact No- +44 28 4062 3874
  • Website-
  • Fees- 100-120£/week


3. Orana Children & Family Centre

It was established in 1965 and it’s been working since then for young children to get a stimulating and safe environment for their studies to achieve a foundation. It is also registered in Northern Ireland.

This organisation has proven its excellence in nurturing students in a way to develop their social skills their emotions and to bring a sense of responsibility into them. They also provide different programs as per the age of the students but infants toddlers and preschoolers students are more enrolled in their programs.

Excellent facilities are provided for children and several after school programs are also organised to engage them in different physical activities or any kind of sports activities like playing Soccer, running and many more.

  • Location- 2 Warrenpoint Rd, Newry BT34 2PF
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 28 3026 5714
  • Fees- 100£/week

4. Busy Bees

This organisation was founded in 1983 and now it has 379 subsidiaries in the whole country. They work on 4 principles, that a child needs to be sociable confident and independent, one should be prepared for school for former education, the child must be capable of sharing his or her knowledge and High-Quality Services provided by the facility.

Its mission is to deliver high-quality child care writing opportunities for learning to every child. They also have baby rooms, preschool classrooms, outdoor areas to explore, freshly prepared meal programs, indoor areas equipped with sufficient materials to be engaged, proper rest areas and quality teachers to provide different lessons to be competent.

  • Location- 14 Bridge Rd, Newry BT34 3QT
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 28 4177 3478
  • Fees- 100-110£/week

5. Carrick Pre-School

This school is usually preferred by middle-class parents. They provide low-cost education to students considering all standards. They ensure the proper fostering of students. Their curriculum is based on teaching children fundamental things about the world and gains some academic lessons like alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours and different organisms surrounding them.

They also offer summer break programs for kids between the age of 3 years to 6 years. They also ensure a safe and calm environment for students to learn new things.

  • Location- 61 Ballydesland Rd, Warrenpoint, Newry BT34 3QA
  • Contact No- +44 28 4175 2159
  • Fees- 100£/week

6. Montessori Nursery

This nursery is also one of the famous nurseries in the whole city or even in the country. It and subsidiary of a parental company. They provide high-class education academic skills and professional teachers to provide the best education for the kids between the age of 4 weeks 26 years.

They also so have standardized education premises under which they provide after school programs space for clubs, playground for sports activities, a portion for or play-based learning and language development classes too.

They also have transportation facilities as per the parent’s requirements. They foster children and nurture them to be self-independent to tackle the real world.

  • Location- 53A Dominic St, Newry BT35 8BN
  • Contact No- +44 28 3026 0191
  • Fees- 90£/week

7. Windmill Playgroup

Windmill playgroup has long years of experience in teaching children and fostering them in an appropriate way. They encourage children to improve their social skills and their Academy skills in a way that they are self Independent and self competent enough to solve their problems.

The curriculum is totally based on a child’s creativity and curiosity they offer highly qualified trainers or teacher’s who encourages students to solve their own problems with accuracy. They also offer transportation facilities for students in Newry City. They are also affiliated with the city’s department of child care education.

  • Location- 49 Kennard Villas, Newry BT34 2NU
  • Contact No- +44 28 3026 9697
  • Fees- 70-100£/week

8. Teenie Weenies Day Care Nursery and Afterschool

The school provides the highest quality nursery education and promotes the all-around development of a child. It is located in the City Centre which makes its premises easily accessible. The curriculum is based on child’s interests and what they want to learn. Programs are offered for infants toddlers and preschool-age kids. They ensure a safe and enjoyable environment to learn new things.

  • Location- 198 Belfast Rd, Newry BT34 1RE
  • Contact No- +44 7848 844399
  • Fees- 60-100£/week

This list of schools is feasible during a thorough search about the schools in the City. Newry city preschools provide one of the best services in the whole country So why hesitate? Get the best school for children.

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