Best Preschool and Childcare in Grafton, NSW (Australia)

During the early phase of life, there is a tremendous amount of energy and changes going on in a child’s brain. It is a crucial phase where you can mould and shape them. All their energy can be channelized in the right direction through a quality early education. Thus, here comes the importance of the preschool phase. The imagination, creativity and curiosity of children are given a direction in the preschool stage so that their confidence can enable them to succeed in school and later in life. Today, we will discuss the best preschools and Child care in Grafton, Australia.

Grafton, a beautiful city close to the river Clarence, is famous for palaces and parks. Beautiful gloomy purple Jacaranda trees make this place even more adorable.

Apart from places of tourist attractions, the city has many preschools and Child care centres to meet the needs of local parents. Some of the renowned and reputed preschools situated here are as follows.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Grafton, NSW (Australia)

1. Uniting Preschool Grafton

It caters to provide early childhood education to children between the age of three years up to five years. Opening hours of the preschool are from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm. The preschool has been rated excellent by ACECQA (rating agency of Australia). The cohesive curriculum of children is based upon play so that their learning can be fun. Apart from studies, there is an art studio and bicycle track for young lads. Teachers are experienced and enjoy teaching, pampering and cuddling children. The preschool aims to make school hours precious and enjoyable for children so that they feel passionate about coming here every day. Children find outings and holiday clubs much more fun.

  • Location- 126 Prince St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+611800864846

2. Clarence Family Daycare

This Daycare centre seeks to provide a holistic atmosphere where children get exceptional care and pamper. They learn to communicate and interact through a wide range of activities designed purposefully to observe the specific skills of these little stars. The daycare also offers emergency and vacation child care services. The educators are highly supportive throughout the learning journey of children. Safety and security of kids are given top priority and child care has made many arrangements like fingerprint sensor, information about pick up service etc for the same. As per proud parents, this child care has professional staff who offer genuine and lovely care to children. Not only in Grafton, but this daycare is also popular in areas close to Grafton because of the quality standard it has set.

  • Location- 162 Turf St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Contact-+61266431002

3. Goodstart Early Learning Grafton

This renowned daycare centre looks after the education of children between the age of zero to six years. Each age group has specialised staff and room so that children of each phase can get resources and attention. The nursery aims to provide a strong base within which children learn, play, garden, excel in their field of interest. Nutritional and delicious food is provided to children so that they can get balanced development. The daycare ensures that each child gets a brilliant and excellent start. The daycare has many safety gates to ensure the safety and security of kids. A unique feature of the daycare is that it creates learning and development portfolios for children. Parents are regularly updated about their Child’s progress.

  • Location- 58 Duke St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact :+611800222543

4. Bright Sparks Child Development Centre

It is one of the leading child care in Grafton. The child care is opened Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and is only closed on bank holidays. The daycare provides indoor and outdoor facilities with a vibrant atmosphere where children have fun, garden, play in a messy area or ride a bike. The timetable is such that children learn through joyful and fun activities. If your child is between the age of two to six years, he can be a part of this lovely daycare. Much time of children spends with swings, sandpit and in the garden area. Kids were also taken for excursions in a private Bright Sparks bus. Child care believes that if the base is built well then the child will automatically grow and succeed in life.

  • Location- 124 Bacon St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61266433711

5. Blinky’s Children’s Centre

Childcare offers exceptional care to children between the age of thirteen months up to six years. Child care offers a strong foundation so that kids can nurture, grow and grasp quickly and easily. It has an enriching program where children learn to express themselves freely without any hesitation. They go for outings and are taught early values so that they can grow to become confident individuals. A distinctive feature about child care is that it lays special emphasis on extracurricular activities like yoga, brain development and movement. These activities are highly beneficial for children.

  • Location- 21 Cranworth St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61266054287

6. West Lawn Preschool

The preschool has been providing excellent early education to children between the age of three to five years irrespective of their culture or religious background. A dedicated team of educators ensure that children are provided with the required resources and they are able to learn and understand. Each child is given importance so that they feel valued and can develop early motor skills. Children with any sort of disability are also invited and nurtured in this preschool. Fees depend upon age and health card.

  • Location- 54 Milton St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61266422942

7. Ohana Early Learning Day Care Centre

This child care looks after the early education of kids between the age of six weeks up to six years. The daycare aims to provide an interactive atmosphere where children learn to face and handle challenges and socially develop. The educators carefully guide children so that they can themselves solve problems and gain confidence and also ensure that children are responding and are interactive during sessions and activities. Children learn to face hurdles and challenges. They learn to socialize with other kids of the same age.

  • Location- 15 Heber St, South Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61266564664

8. Nurture One Arthur Street Children’s Centre

This daycare centre provides education and child care facilities from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. The main purpose of the daycare is to make learning fun and enjoyable for children. The daycare also ensures that children are comfortable in the new environment. Collaboration with parents and families of children make this daycare a loving place. Child care not only offers kindergarten but also preschool education to children where they are given early exposure to mathematics, numbers, colours, social sciences. They learn to draw, paint and design and also try their hands in gardening and sports.

  • Location- 141 Arthur St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+611800517027

9. Gummyaney Aboriginal Preschool

This preschool aims to provide toddler, nursery, kindergarten and preschool education to young kids and the opening hours of the preschool are from 8:00 Am to 3:45 pm. Children strive together to complete different activities and tasks. It has flexible programs so that children participate and develop social qualities within themselves. Parents involvement is given importance so that children learn early skills through the guidance of both parents and educators. The growth of each and every child is observed and given attention by the staff. There are different subjects taught to children like counting, colouring, social sciences, environment. There are different programs and days like sports day, cultural fests etc which are awaited by children.

  • Location- 30 Pound St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Contact-+61266422048

10. New School of Arts Neighborhood House

This daycare is quite popular in the locality. It has a large team of passionate staff who ensure that every child is able to access the resources of the child centre. Educators supervise and guide young children to enable them to develop qualities like leadership, empathy and creativity. The daycare provides opportunities for kids where they learn through experimenting. Accomplishments and achievements of little stars are highly appreciated so that they grow as self-esteemed people. The child care services are for children less than six years of age.

  • Location – 86 Spring St, South Grafton NSW 2460, Australia

11. Mldcoast Family Day Care Grafton

This daycare aims to provide a caring and homely atmosphere to kids who are between zero to twelve years old. Child care has a team of highly qualified and professional educators whose sole motive is the betterment and upliftment of children. The objective of this child care is to give a direction to the curiosity of children. There is no age of learning, only the foundation should be strong. Educators here work with this philosophy. The interest and skills of each child are acknowledged and observed by teachers. Activities are designed such that it makes learning for children more exciting and fun.

  • Location- 71 Duke St, Grafton NSW 2460, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61418247722

As per reviews and ratings, these were some of the top-rated preschools and Child care centres in Grafton which are highly recommended if you are living in this city. The best thing is that these preschools aim to provide excellent base and support not only to children but also to their parents and carers.

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