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All work and no play makes johnny a dumb boy. It is exhausting for young children to put their minds only to studies. At their tender age they need more brain-stimulating activities for better personality development and to enhance social skills. The cards given below are a list of values and practices to be inculcated in a kid’s daily life to give them an optimum chance for growth.

Brain Breaks Task Card

Brain Breaks Task Cards Brain Break Cards Set 1

High Fives: We know how everyone is craving social contact and human touch nowadays. Children need it even more than adults do. Friendly gestures will go a long way at this stage.

Stretch: Sitting in front of a screen or with books every moment of the day is harmful to our posture and stiffens up the muscles and joints. To prevent that, a kid must take a break every once in a while, get up from their chair or bed and do some stretchering.

Animal: Animals are often a child’s best friend. There are creatures out there from whom we have a lot to learn. Ask your kid to enact the animal their teacher calls them and have some fun.

Line: Forming and standing patiently in lines are important skills that children should inculcate at a young age and manners that they will carry with them as adults.

One Word: Kids, especially boys, often struggle to express their feelings openly to their parents or peers leading to deterioration and neglect of their mental health. This exercise presents a great opportunity for a child to speak up about their feelings.

Dance: Dancing is an amazing way to improve anyone’s mood and sprinkle a bit of sparkle into mundane life. So ask your kids to hit the dance floor and if possible, you should join them too.

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Facts: Nowadays we as a society are losing human connections credited to the wave of fake connections we make on social media. So it’s always advisable to ring the bell next door and learn about each other.

Meditate: It is an ancient practice that rejuvenates the mind and calms the body. It’s worth a shot, especially if you or your child is restless or has anxiety issues.

Exercise: In the urban jungle people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle but a kid’s growing body needs a lot of exercises. Their muscles and joints need to relax, stretch and pull. Their seemingly endless energy also needs to be channelled fruitfully.

Superhero: Superheros that one reads about in comics or sees in movies often become an icon in a little child’s world and also a part of their personality. Everyone aspires to be like them and achieve the feats they do. So let them build a world where they hold a superpower of their choice and see their imagination take flight.

Dab:  Dabbing was all the rage just a few years ago and all the cool kids were doing it. It’s a fun, quick little action that without much explanation, brings a lot of joy and you can’t help but smile when you dab.

Play: Guardians should enable their children to leave their house once in a while and go out to play in the park, soak in the glory of nature and make new friends every day.

Brain Breaks Task Cards Brain Break Cards Set 3

Jog: It’s good for children to go out in the open air and get their blood pumping. Jogging is a form of light exercise that can strengthen one’s muscles increase stamina.

Clean: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. It’s not just a quote but an action that should be inculcated in the daily lives of all individuals. And this value should be taught from childhood so that it becomes their habit as an adult.

Ballet:  Ballet is a classical dance form that is fun to perform and fun to see. Burst out your dance moves, entertain yourselves and your family.

Sing: Everyone is a shower singer. But shed the shy shell and show your skills to each other as a friends group.

Ninja: Copy Ninja Hatori’s cool moves and show off your ninja skills to a mirror. Then perform them in front of a crowd. Ding-Ding Ding!!!

Shapes: It’s Twister with a twist. Gather your friends around and play a fun game by forming shapes out of your bodies.

Brain Breaks Task Cards Brain Break Cards Set 3

Brain Breaks Task Cards

Joke: They say laughter is the best medicine. So sit down with your kid and share a few funny jokes and funny stories. It lightens the mood and builds a better bond between you two.

Block:  Stack coins or books on top of each other and see how far up you you can make it without your building collapsing on you.

Thumb War: 1..2..3..4.. I declare a thumb war. Nothing can be more fun than playing a silly little game with your friends. Thumb war is a classic example of that.

Song Time: The only thing more fun than that singing a song is singing it with your friends. Pick a rhyme or song of choice and organise a non-stop with your friends.

Leader: Not everyone leads the herd, but what use is the leader without a broody bunch to follow them? So respect the leader you choose and follow them diligently.

Snack: It is good to move your mouth once in a while and grab a quick snack. Just be sure to not pick up a pack of chips or a tub of ice cream too often and include fruits and fruit juices in your diet.

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