Spell Check Worksheets for Grade 1

Spelling is a critical component of communication, especially in the English language where a switch in the vowel changes the meaning of the entire word. Incorrect spellings take away from the power of the written word and in more cases than not lead to marks deduction in schools. So children need to familiarize themselves with the correct spelling of common words. The following worksheets are a step towards perfecting their spellings.

Spell Check Practice Worksheet

Spell Check Worksheets for Grade 1 Spelling Worksheet 1

All the worksheets are accompanied by graphics of objects that your kid is supposed to spell out. Ask them to name these and use their phonetic understanding to spell out the names. They don’t have to understand the stiff rules of spelling or the exceptions to those rules just yet. Thought simple phonetic spellings may not always work out in the case of words like “walk” due to the presence of a silent letter. In these cases, unfortunately, mugging up is the only way. But hopefully, they will gain an awareness of common silent letters soon enough to become accustomed to these kinds of spellings.

Spell Check Worksheets for Grade 1 Spelling Worksheet 2

Help your kid make sense of the rules of spelling. It is are requisite for a kid to be able to make clear associations between alphabets and sounds. Make them say the words out loud and follow the sound they make. They also need to learn the fine differences between the different vowels and how every vowel changes tone based on the other letters it is surrounded by. You should also make sure that they understand how much emphasis on a sound signifies the use of double letters.

Spell Check Worksheets for Grade 1 Spelling Worksheet 3

At this point, the child has had some practice. They should be able to answer the questions on their own. And provide valid justifications for why they chose to encircle the spelling that they did. Do not, however, bombard them with such a complex topic. Give them the time and space they need to process each spelling and each worksheet.

Spell Check Worksheets for Grade 1

Download and print these worksheets to help your children practice and improve on their spelling.

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