Compare Length of Objects Worksheets for Grade I


What is Length?

  • Length is a measurement of distance. For example: distance from your home to school.
  • The SI unit or the basic unit of length is metre (m).
  • A kilometre (km), metre (m) and centimetre (cm) are the common units used to measure length.
  • 1m = 100cms
  • kilometre ( 1km = 1000m)
  • Comparing length between two objects basically mean which of them is the longest.
  • Length tells us the size of a particular object from one point to another.
  • For example: we can measure length of any thing we want, like length of a pencil, length of your copy etc..

How to measure Length?

  • We can measure length through handspan , ruler, foot span etc..
  • Hand span is a distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger of the same hand as outstretched.
  • A small ruler length is of 15 cm.

Compare Length of Objects Worksheets

  • In the coming worksheet you have to tell about the longest of the two by framing a sentence.
  • For example: If there are pictures of two boys unequal in length, you have to tell which one is longer or shorter then the other.
  • If the first boy is longer,  then the sentence will be first boy is longer then the second boy or second boy is shorter then the first boy.

Apart from this worksheet also parents can give their kids random stuffs and tell them to compare length between them . It will be a fun game for all the kids and in that process they will develop their speed of thinking and will also answer the questions quickly.

We hope you liked these worksheets. Please do check other worksheets as well and share your feedback in the comment section.

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