Comparison Math Coloring Activity Printable Worksheets

These are comparison math coloring activity printable worksheets for your kid. These worksheets will help in shaping and molding your kid’s knowledge on mathematics. Since, these are worksheets; you can have them practice on it before they are ready to proceed to the next step. In the worksheets the comparison is done between a pair of jars that have candies in them and your kid is supposed to color the candy jars that have the most candies in them. So let’s get started.


Comparison Math Coloring Activity Printable Worksheets

1. Simple comparison math activity

The first worksheet is provided above. So, you need to hand over this worksheet to your kid and explain to them what they are supposed to do. Make sure you offer your help if they face confusion as it is their first time learning comparison.

2. Comparison math worksheet

The second worksheet is provided above. Anyone who is 6 year old and above will be able to grasp the concept of comparison. This fun activity worksheet will also sharpen their knowledge. Though it is easy to figure out the comparison, it is your duty to guide them while they do this

3. Practice comparison math activity

The next worksheet is provided above to print. The concept here is the same where your kid has to color the jar that has the most candy jars in it but the numbers involved here are different. If your kid is using this worksheet to learn the comparison you can teach them so

4. Comparison math coloring worksheet

In the fourth worksheet the number of candies that are given in one jar in a pair of two is quite larger than the earlier ones. So a proper introduction before your kid starts performing the worksheet is necessary

5. Enhancing your kid comparison ability

Bring out a variation in your kid’s math learning and try out the worksheets in the given list. By doing this you are turning regular learning into a great adventure. Therefore, in this way your kids get to do some fun besides learning.

6. Easy comparison math activity

The sixth worksheet is provided above. You can prepare your kid for this worksheet after he is done with the previous five worksheets. The comparison worksheet is similar so it will be a type of practice to your kid when he does it.

7. Basic comparison math coloring worksheet

The next worksheet is attached above. You can briefly look at it and decide at which stage you should give this worksheet to your kid for practicing. While your kid is practicing this worksheet, you need to make sure that he is thoroughly grasping the concept

8. Brush up your kid’s knowledge with the worksheet

This is the eight worksheet is provided above. The candy jars follow the same concept coloring the jar that has the most candies. This worksheet can be done as a group activity as well by providing it to the kids and their friends.

9. A fun comparison math activity

This is the next worksheet for comparison math coloring. As soon as you get a hint that your kid is able
to learn the concept behind this, you can wind up the session by providing them with fewer worksheets to practice on.

10. Comparison math coloring worksheet

This is the last worksheet of the article of comparison math coloring. It is easy performing the activity. Any kid who is 8 year old and above can easily make this without any problem.

These are all the comparison math coloring activities that you can use to teach your kid and build their math foundation. The best part about all these is that they involve fun and thus it is assured that your kid will not feel this as a regular task. So, now that you have all the information and worksheet that is needed to get started, you are all set to teach your kid.

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