Shortest to Tallest Comparing lengths Worksheets for Grade I

Desire your kids to be finer learners.  Surely you want, then this is the right place that you have come to. This is what your children need to be a better learner but now learning can be fun too. Fun learning can help children to understand more precisely than usual. Now, here is another interesting activity that we have come up with for your kids.

Given below is an interesting worksheet that your kids will surely love which teaches them to compare lengths. Everyone who wants their children to know to identify which is the shortest and which one is the tallest of the given objects. What if you ask your kid to bring the tallest water bottle so to teach your kids to identify the tallest and shortest object  this activity is a must try this will help to sharpen your kids skills and will teach them everyday basis .And on top of it again the realistic pictures make learning and comparing more fun. You should surely give it a try for your kids to learn better. Happy learning!!

Shortest to Tallest Comparing lengths Worksheets

Comparing lengths sounds interesting right yes surely it is, comparing the shortest and the tallest one is what we understand when we hear about comparing lengths. In the given worksheets you need to identify the object which is shortest and the object which is the tallest from the given objects. These objects can vary from fruits to water bottles, bowls and be it any other thing.

All you have to do is observe the objects given in the worksheets to judge which is smaller in size and which one is larger basically according to height. The object which is smaller in height is the shortest and the object or thing which is taller in height is the tallest one. This is the basic rule of comparing. Each worksheet has different objects to be compared from and that too with realistic pictures which makes comparing more interesting. These worksheets will surely catch your children attention.

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