Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Maths is one of the favourite subject for most of the children. To make it fun you need to practice it in creative way. Parents and teachers can help kids by assigning new ways to learn and have fun. For beginners it is better to start with these addition sums.

Addition is one of the four basic arithmetic operations in maths and it is easy to practice and learn. It is important to understand the concept of  addition thoroughly for learning rest of the chapter of mathematics. Kids can relax and can see their favourite sweets of all time that is cupcakes, all they need to do is to count the total number of cupcake in sums and write the correct answer.

Cupcake Addition Practice Worksheet

These are single-digit numbers for addition, for helping your kids understand better. Like 2+4= 6,   1+7=8  etc. There are 7 sums in each worksheet. Try to solve one worksheet in 10 minutes and ask for a treat if you solve it correctly within prescribed time. You can also set a timer for help.

In this worksheet you can see cupcakes and a ‘+” sign in between, you need to add both of them together and write the total number of cupcakes. And  just for fun you can  color it using your crayons.

Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

The more you solve, the better you will get at this, mathematics is all about practice and it makes you perfect. 

Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Fill in your name, class and other boxes and start solving. If in case you get some time do not forget to color these cupcakes with yellow and pink crayons.

Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

You can add and color these cupcakes with blue and red crayon and the total sum should be colored with green crayon.

Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

In this worksheet you have to add number of cupcakes like in first sum you can see 1 cupcake + 4 cupcakes= ?

Write the answer in number.

Cupcake Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Hope you enjoyed solving this creative  and interesting worksheet. This will work as a brain booster for kids.  Try to solve such worksheets for better results. Stay tuned for more such worksheets of mathematics and other subject which will help you to practice and learn more.

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