Valentine Crafts for Kids To Make

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The world may give a million corrupted definitions of Valentine to your kids. To save their innocent heart from the lies, go ahead and tell them how love is the purest of all emotions. It is necessary to express your care for someone you love. Make them learn that it is necessary to love our fellow humans.

Tell them that love is all that art is about. Here we bring today, a well-researched collection of DIY Valentine Crafts for kids which shall not only hone their creative skillset but also enable them to grow into emotionally healthy beings capable of accepting and expressing all the colorful emotions.

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 10 years, the following activities shall help young artists to make efficient use of their leisure time while providing psychological relaxation and a much-needed break from the monotony of studies. Let us begin with the fun then!


DIY Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make

Valentine’s Heart Squish Bag 

DIY Valentine Crafts for Kids - Valentine’s Heart Squish Bag from Fantastic Fun and Learning
Image Source/Tutorial: Fantastic Fun and Learning

This is an amazing sensory activity for 3 to 5-year-old kids. Put some shower gel in a clear piping bag and draw an adorable heart with a marker. As kids try to touch and feel the puffy heart, the jelly texture will tingle their tactile senses and also provide a mild exercise to their delicate muscles.

Blowing Kisses Handprint ValentineBlowing Kisses Handprint Valentine from Happy Go Lucky

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Go LuckyThis concept card is an innovative way of showing your love. All you need to do is make a handprint and cut a little heart creatively to make this pop-out greeting. Click on the title to know more.

Celery Stamped Flowers 

Celery Stamped Flowers from The Best Ideas for Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas for Kids

Kids might not like green veggies on their plates but they are surely going to love it in their art palette. Dip celery in water-based paint and stamp roses from it. Use ribbons and strings to make a cute little 3D bouquet.

Coffee Filter Hearts 

Coffee Filter Hearts from Simple Fun for Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Fun for Kids

Coffee filter sheets are good absorbents. Using water paints on these sheets will create a beautiful ripple effect which is absolutely magical and astounding. Let kids create their own rainbow-colored hearts just as colorful as their own dream-filled hearts.

Cookie Cutter Stamped Card 

Cookie Cutter Stamped Card from Kiddy Charts
Image Source/Tutorial: Kiddy Charts

It is important to teach your kids the importance of being eco-friendly citizens. Do away with plastic gift wraps and help them to make their own paper-based valentine gift wraps using cookie cutters as heart-shaped stamps. Refer to the link for details.

Cupid Arrows

Cupid Arrows from Messy Little Monster
Image Source/Tutorial: Messy Little Monster

Glitter paper can make any craft ten times more attractive. These cupid arrows are a perfect valentine’s gift. They can be used as bookmarks or simply to beautify one’s space.

Fingerprint Love Bugs 

DIY Valentine Crafts for Kids
Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Let your toddlers make a love bug as they simply have some fun with colors. This fingerprint art is easy to make and is a cute way of showing your affection for friends and family.

Heart Necklace 

Heart Necklace from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops
Image Source/Tutorial: Glue Sticks Gum Drops

Can something be more lovingly thoughtful than an edible necklace! Try this one out for yourself by clicking on the link in the picture title.

DIY Heart Stamps 


DIY Heart Stamps from Natural Beach Living
Image Source/Tutorial: Natural Beach Living

Hearts are just the perfect graphic to decorate anything. These DIY stamps are to add detail to the greeting envelopes and gift covers.

Heart Suncatcher

Heart Suncatcher from Happiness is Homemade
Image Source/Tutorial: Happiness Is Homemade

Love is like that unexpected ray of sunlight on a freezing winter day that immediately brightens up your soul. This heart sunlight catcher is simply too beautiful a craft to not try. Add glitter and colors of your choice to make it more personalized.

Mess-Free Painted Valentines

Mess-Free Painted Valentines from Glitter Inc
Image Source/Tutorial: Glitter Inc.

Want your kids to paint without creating a mess? We have the perfect solution. Click on the title to know more.

Paper Roll Heart Mouse 

Paper Roll Heart Mouse from Non-Toy Gifts
Image Source/Tutorial: Non -Toy Gifts 

Recycle leftover toilet paper tubes to make these cute mice adorned with tiny hearts. You can hide a message on the inside hollow of the tube to show your love for someone.

Easy Photo Valentine Wreath Craft 

Easy Photo Valentine Wreath Craft from Simple Everyday Mom
Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Every  Day Mom 

Live every moment and take a lot of photographs! This Wreath is here to make your day memorable. When you have a valentine’s wreath, you do not need to depend on fake filters for a good photograph.

Thumbuggy Fingerprint Cards

Thumbuggy Fingerprint Cards from Rhythms of Play
Image Source/Tutorial: Rhythms Of Play

Thumbprint is the easiest form of art yet one of the most innovative ones. There are enormous possibilities with thumb printing. Try making this love bug greeting for someone special to you and bring a smile to their face.

Toddler Valentine’s Day Cards 

Toddler Valentine’s Day Cards from Red Ted Art
Image Source/Tutorial:  Red Ted Art

For toddlers who have just dived into the world of colors, this is an amazing idea, to begin with. Click on the above link to know more.

Tree with Paper Hearts 

Tree with Paper Hearts by Easy Peasy and Fun
Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Love for someone is like a tree; It grows when nourished with care, hugs, and kisses.  Cut colorful hearts and arrange them to make a love tree greeting. You can also add a few glitter hearts to make the craft shine out.

Valentine’s Day Fish Craft

Valentine’s Day Fish Craft from Artsy Momma
Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Momma

Use an old paper plate and transform it into this magical craft. Refer to our tutorial by clicking on the link above.

Valentine’s Day Salt Dough Keepsake

Valentine’s Day Salt Dough Keepsake from Fun Handprint Art
Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Hand Print Art

Can something be better than a beautiful memory framed? Take your child’s footprint and make a precious memory frame from it.

The true message of Valentine is to spread love and to make everyone around you feel loved. Do not hesitate to shower some love for us in the comments section below and keep visiting our website for more content made with love.

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