Valentine’s Day Activities for Children

Valentine’s Day Activities for Children!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday to do crafts among the kids. They always just love it and we always go overboard with all the hearts! The Valentine’s Day themed printable  include so many ways in which you could incorporate literacy, math and fine motor practice in your class or home school. Let’s do it together.


Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Frozen Vinegar Hearts

Image/Tutorial: Inspiration Laboratories

The idea involves two ingredients kids love: baking soda and vinegar. Add some hearts and you have a perfect Valentine’s Day  activity. Vinegar is an acid. Baking soda is a base. Combine the two together and you get a chemical reaction that produces water and salt. Fill your freezer trays or molds half full of water and half full of vinegar. Add food coloring and freeze. Invite your child to explore.

Sneaky Valentine’s Day

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Valentine day is full of love and joy. There lies the secret messages also. It will be fun decoding them. Make the secret message for your kids and ask them to decode it. Give them the clue card which letter represents which I am sure it gives you immense joy.

Valentine Stacking Game

Image/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

Once upon the time I am obsessed with this game. And I tell you how to play  give each kid a bag or box of conversation hearts. They will need about 20 little hearts to play this game. Set a timer for a minute. Have them stack as many conversation hearts as they can in one minute. Whoever has the most wins! .I love playing this  game.

Perfect Match

Image/Tutorial:  I Heart Naptime

Print out 2 pages of the matching game printable on white card stock for each matching set. Trim out the images into squares, or use a round hole punch. Next, print out the tags sheet and either trim them or use a round hole punch to cut them out. You could also place them in a small treat bag with a bow. This is a super easy Valentine and works perfect for school-aged kids.

Magnetic Valentine Day

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This simple Valentine game is a Valentine day that is quite magnetic.  Seriously!  It uses magnets to create a new maze with each play. Navigating your way through a maze by pushing a button can be challenging. Trying to get it through a maze from below the maze is even more challenging. There is a second button on the other side of the folder that secretly does the guiding.

Teacher Bits And Bobs

Image/Tutorial: Teacher Bits And Bobs

Teachers bits and bobs are some amazing to do when kids have the holidays ahead. So it can be done of our own choice and surprise everyone. It can be of terrifying one or humble one. You can make of your own kind like teethed one which has eye opened to fullest. Have the fun while doing It.

Ducky Love

Image/Tutorial: Kerrific Online

I love Valentines Day because it gives us a good excuse to show others how much we care. One way we are sharing the true meaning of Valentines at our house this year is through little acts of Ducky Love. Because kids love the toys and especially the ducky one was their favorite. I present them ducky and you do with what you can.

Spot The Hearts

Image/Tutorial: Studio DIY

We all once have played hide and seek ,but now for this valentine are going to place the hearts in our home and ask them to find it. Ask them to count the hearts ,by end you will find the valentine was super cool with this game. Make the surface of the heart removable one, so kids can easily remove and have them.

Idea Room

Image/Tutorial: The Idea Room

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Game to play with your family and friends? You will need 5 or 6 square wood blocks that measure 1 x 1 inch.  Paint your dice white. Print out the dice .Cut out each individual square. Glue them with mod podge onto each dice.  Use this in Valentines day game at  kids Valentines Classroom parties and the kids loved it!.

Hearty Sun Catcher

Image/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

See how beautifully and vibrantly these heart sun catchers turned out. Can also do the beautiful sun catcher and make your home delight with it. Use paper plate or paper and squirt the color of your choice and paint it. Let it dry. Cut the paper in the heart shape and use the threads to have like hang outs.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Image/Tutorial: Twinkle Little Art

The title sounds like Rhythm but not the craft. Its all about the fish. Use the chart to do the little hearts  and use the pins at it. Take the towel roll and join the string at the end to look as the fishing pole. At the another end tie the magnet and use it as fish pole to catch the fish (little hearts). The game is really interesting to do and play too.

Heart Sentence

Image/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

There is so much fun making conversation heart sentences! The kids really liked the “I Love you” Conversation Heart, and used it again and again! The game is simple  to play, and the best part is- there’s no winner, so you don’t have to worry about anyone losing the game !Take your hearts, lay them out and make sentences, like this “U r  adorable”,” Be Happy”. Make  adorable conversation heart sentences. This perfect to  play at a classroom Valentine’s Day party!

Girl And Glue Gun

Image/Tutorial: A Girl And A Glue Gun

There are many games that can be played in festive occasion nut girl and glue gun are most popular among kids. Even I like playing this game. I have bagged many prizes through this game. While playing we have lot more fun and enjoy the moment to fullest. Everyone must try this game and whoever trying will be  mad  at this.

These valentine games above listed are going to make your kids’ Valentine’s Day classroom or home party a whole lot of fun! No matter what size of a group of children you have, these games will work wonderfully. Don’t  miss the fun try these a crafts and games, Have the fun altogether. HAPPY VALENTINE !!!.

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