How do ants communicate?

How do ants communicate

Ants communicate primarily through chemicals called pheromones. They release these pheromones to send various signals to other ants, such as directions to food sources or alerts about danger.



1. What are the chemical messages that ants use to communicate called?

A) Hormones
B) Pheromones
C) Antennae
D) Signals


2. When an ant finds food, how does it communicate the location to other ants?

A) By leading them directly to it
B) By making loud noises
C) By leaving a pheromone trail
D) By dancing


3. What role do an ant’s antennae play in communication?

A) They help the ants see better
B) They are used for digging
C) They pick up pheromones
D) They make sounds


4. How do ants alert others of danger?

A) By jumping up and down
B) By releasing specific danger pheromones
C) By hiding
D) By making a loud noise


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