How do satellites send signals to Earth?

How do satellites send signals to Earth

Satellites send signals to Earth using radio waves. These signals are transmitted through antennas on the satellite, directed towards Earth, where they are received by ground stations or receivers designed to pick up these radio waves.



1. What do satellites use to communicate with Earth?

A) Magic
B) Radio waves
C) Shouting loud
D) Carrier pigeons


2. How do signals from satellites reach your TV at home?

A) Through underwater cables
B) Via the Internet
C) Through satellite dishes
D) By direct mail


3. Why can satellites send signals over long distances?

A) Because they have big lungs
B) Due to the curvature of the Earth
C) Because they use a lot of power
D) Because they’re in space


4. What part of the satellite receives signals from Earth?

A) The antenna
B) The engine
C) The solar panels
D) The window


5. How do satellites stay powered to send signals?

A) By eating snacks
B) Using solar panels
C) By plugging into an outlet
D) Using batteries only


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