How do GPS systems work?

How do GPS systems work

GPS systems work by using signals from satellites orbiting the Earth. A GPS receiver calculates its location by timing the signals sent by multiple satellites and triangulating its position based on their known locations in space.



1. How many satellites are part of the GPS constellation?

A) 12
B) 24
C) 36
D) 48


2. What is trilateration in GPS technology?

A) Calculating distance using three or more satellites
B) Transferring data between satellites
C) Triangulating position using two satellites
D) Tracking movement speed


3. Who operates the Global Positioning System?

A) The European Space Agency
B) The International Telecommunication Union
C) The United States Department of Defense
D) The United Nations


4. What other information can a GPS device provide besides location?

A) Only location
B) Location and altitude
C) Location, altitude, and weather
D) Location, altitude, weather, and time


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