How is a Satellite Launched?

How is a Satellite Launched?

Satellites are of two types- natural and artificial. Artificial satellites are sent to space to orbit Earth or any other planet to gather information and activities, possible threats or to provide various facilities like weather forecast, GPS, television program, cell phone network etc. Artificial satellites are sent to space with the help of rocket which is built by scientists. Rockets are designed in the way to breaks apart in few stages while its path to orbit away from earth surface. After reaching there it starts its work.

Have you ever seen a satellite? I have seen pictures and videos of the satellite in books and televisions; I think you also have seen satellites like this somewhere in books, internet, televisions live telecast or anywhere. Didn’t you?

There are so many questions already built up in my mind about satellites just after using its name like- what is a satellite? Why is it sent directly to space or what work it has to conduct there? How is a satellite launched exactly? Who made satellites? Are you having same questions? If yes then be ready because I have all possible answers for you.

Let’s start with questions and their answers


What is a satellite?

A satellite is a small or big can be of any size orbit that revolves around the planet in the space. Satellites can be natural as well as artificial. Satellites can travel around planets or stars such as Sun. Moon is one of the examples of natural satellites to Earth. Artificial satellites or man-made satellites are sent into the space to gather information. All the planets are satellites around the Sun.

Why are satellites sent directly into space to orbit?

This is a brilliant question that why are they sent to space can’t they operate from Earth?

Well, satellites are sent into space so that they can have more or maximum coverage of Earth’s surface which is basically not possible from here they work brilliantly from there.  Well, there are so many reasons why are they sent to space like-

  1. Without satellites, you can’t have weather forecasts.
  2. Just forget about your favourite or any television program without satellites.
  3. It allows us to have GPS. GPS locates places. To navigate and get the position.
  4. Satellites are primary timing source for cell phones. Every cell phone or mobile is connected to the network.
  5. It is very important in business & finance like video conferencing, provide instant credit card authorization, ATM services to even small cities or villages etc.

Looks like everything is connected to satellite and we totally depend on it for our daily services. Isn’t it? Well, the satellite is doing its job greatly. Satellite is connected with safety, to the growth of our nation, development etc for all. So, the satellite is sent into space to orbit planets for our needs, for taking care of Earth by collecting or gathering every piece of information from there.

How is a satellite launched exactly?

Here comes your favourite question, how satellites specifically artificial or man-made satellites are launched because natural satellites don’t need like Moon?

All the satellites today get into orbit riding by on a rocket or by riding in the cargo bay of the space shuttle in order for a satellite to be launched successfully in the space; the launch rocket must be placed in a vertical position initially.

Once the rocket is launched, a rocket control mechanism utilizes the inertial guidance system to make important calculations or arithmetical decisions in order to adjust the nozzle of the rocket. These calculations help rocket to tilt itself in the direction specified by its flight plan. Upon reaching a height of approximately 120miles, small rockets are fired in order to shift the vehicles horizontally. More rockets are fired at this point to separate or free the satellite from its launch vehicle.

Rockets are designed to breaks apart in few stages while its path to orbit away from earth surface leaving satellite there to perform its job for what it was designed. Once the satellite reaches its desired orbital height it opens its solar panel and communication networks and gets ready to do its job whatever it was designed to do. There are thousands of satellites already orbiting Earth.

Escape velocity- what is this?

Escape velocity is the how fast an object has to be traveling in order to escape the pull of the planet’s gravity like Earth’s gravity. On Earth escape velocity is about 25,000per miles hour.

A rocket must accelerate to at least 25,039 mph to completely escape Earth’s gravity. Earth’s escape velocity is enormously greater than what’s required to place an Earth satellite in orbit.

For getting a deep knowledge regarding satellite launching, please watch this video attached below

Who built satellites?

The Soviet Union launched the world’s very first manmade or inartificial satellite Sputnik 1. After it, about 6600staeliites have been launched by more than 40 countries.


A satellite is an object (size varies can be small to big) are of two types natural as well as manmade. Artificial satellites are sent to space to orbit Earth or any other planet. Today without satellite we cannot imagine our lives as it’s very useful in various aspects. Artificial satellites are sent to space with the help of rocket which is built by brilliant scientists because many things have to be taken care of while making a big advanced systematic satellite which has to function properly for months or years there in the space.

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