How do sound waves travel?

How do sound waves travel

Sound waves travel through the vibration of molecules in a medium such as air, water, or solids. These vibrations are passed along from molecule to molecule, allowing the sound to move through the medium.



1. Which of the following can sound waves travel through?

A) Space
B) Water
C) A vacuum
D) Invisible barriers


2. What happens to sound waves when they travel through air?

A) They speed up
B) They disappear
C) They move in a straight line
D) They spread out in all directions


3. Which of the following statements is true about how sound travels?

A) Sound travels faster in air than in water.
B) Sound travels faster in solids than in air.
C) Sound cannot travel through solids.
D) Sound travels at the same speed in all materials.


4. How can you hear the sound around corners but not see light?

A) Sound waves can bend, but light waves cannot.
B) Sound waves are faster.
C) Sound waves are smaller.
D) Light waves can bend, but sound waves cannot.


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