How does the internet work?

How does the internet work

The Internet works by connecting computers and devices worldwide through a vast network of cables and wireless connections. Data is transferred over this network using protocols like TCP/IP. When you access a website, your device sends a request through this network to the server hosting the website; the server then responds by sending the data back to your device, allowing you to view the website.



1. Which of the following is needed to connect to the internet?

A) A microwave
B) An Internet Service Provider (ISP)
C) A refrigerator
D) A television


2. What is the main purpose of a router in a home network?

A) To store files
B) To supply electricity to devices
C) To direct internet traffic
D) To make coffee


3. What is the name of the unique address that every device on the internet needs to communicate?

A) IP Address
B) Home Address
C) Email Address
D) Device Code


4. Which of the following is a method for transferring files over the internet?



5. What does HTTP stand for?

A) HyperText Transfer Protocol
B) Hyper Transfer Text Protocol
C) HyperText Translation Protocol
D) Hyper Transfer Translation Protocol


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