IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 7 (English Olympiad 2015, SET A)

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IEO Previous Year Question Paper for Class 7 (2015, Set A)




Potato chips are_______

A. creamy

B. silky

C. crunchy

D. smooth


1. Our house______ __when we were on holiday.

A. were broken in

B. was broken into

C. will be broken in

D. can be broken


2. Nowadays it_____ cost a fortune to own a laptop. Ten years ago they used to cost a lot.

A. mustn’t

B. hasn’t

C. needn’t

D. couldn’t


3. My father notified_____we had changed our address.

A. that to the school

B. to the school that

C. with the school that

D. the school that


4. If you_____ a mobile phone in the street, what would you do with it?

A. find

B. finds

C. finding

D. found


5. I generally go by ___ bus to school but sometimes I cycle.

A. the

B. a

C. an

D. no article


6. We need someone to push our car. Can you ask those_____ standing there, to help us?

A. ones

B. one

C. men

D. man


7. Wow! You managed to get Sachin Tendulkar’s autograph. That’s____

A. dreary

B. stimulating

C. astonishing

D. tedious


8. We_______afford to keep our scooter, so we sold it.

A. wouldn’t

B. can’t

C. won’t

D. couldn’t


9. ‘Everything possible_____ to get things back to normal,’ said the prime minister.

A. is doing

B. was doing

C. done

D. is being done


10. If you eat a lot of chocolate, you ____

A. will gain weight

B. gaining weight

C. would gain weight

D. gained weight


11. If we______him tomorrow, we’ll return his books.

A. meet

B. ’11 meet

C. meets

D. were meeting


12. I’ve already cleaned the table so you needn’t_____to do it.

A. worry

B. panic

C. bother

D. concern


13. The test was so easy that most people_____finished after 45 minutes, I think.

A. would have

B. will have

C. have

D. was


14. There were __than fifty people in the whole auditorium.

A. little

B. few

C. fewer

D. lesser


15. ____I’m not mistaken, that’s certainly my uncle in the taxi. Wonder where he is going.

A. If

B. Till

C. Except

D. Until


16. Vishnu : Why is everyone leaving the village in a hurry in this heavy rain?

Hamid : There is _danger that it might flood so people are going to higher areas.

A. critical

B. vital

C. trivial

D. grave


17. Sunil_____ read anymore because of his bad eyesight. He needs new glasses.

A. is able to

B. can’t able to

C. can’t

D. could



18. “If you don’t complete your homework, I won’t allow you to watch television.”


19. “Please switch off your mobile phones.”


20. “Train 231 will leave 15 minutes late today.”


21. “Do you think people in our country love to watch football?”


A. A question to elicit opinion

B. A request

C. A announcement

D. A threat





My name is Oliver and I live in a small beach town. The town is famous for its huge fishing nets and many tourists come to see the nets every year. One day I saw a boy. He really did look like a tourist, with a small camera in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. The slim boy sat on the bench by the tree, sipping water and pretending to look at a glossy cruise brochure. His thick glasses masked his eyes, but I knew he wasn’t looking at the brochure. He hadn’t turned a page for the last ten minutes.

As I walked up to him to say hi, he looked at me briefly and pretended that his parents were calling him and walked away. I tried not to stare at the tiny scar just above his left eyebrow. I walked back to where I was sitting under the tree shaking my head. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place him.

Then it hit me. The bicycle accident. The mysterious stranger who helped me get up and park my bicycle on the side of the road. I rushed back to the bench but he was gone. I sat on the bench and saw the water bottle along with a card left on the bench. The card said:

I am deeply indebted to you. The evening of your bicycle accident, I was looking for my parents as I had lost them in the crowd. Helping you made me stay in the same spot for sometime and because of that my parents spotted me. We are going back to our home today. Hope you are better now. Thank you. Rajan. I felt glad that my little accident brought a family together again. I said a silent prayer L for him and got back home, smiling.

22. Who is the mysterious stranger?

A. The person from the beach town.

B. The owners of the fishing net.

C. The boy with the thick glasses.

D. The parents of the tourist boy.


23. What was the slim boy faking to do?

A. Sip water.

B. Look at the nets.

C. Mask his eye.

D. Read a brochure.


24. The boy had a mark on his skin on his

A. hand

B. forehead

C. ear

D. eyelid


25. Oliver was shaking his head as he walked back because____________.

A. he couldn’t recognise who Rajan was

B. Rajan couldn’t find his parents anywhere

C. of the pain from the scar over his eyebrow

D. Rajan had taken his seat under the tree


26. What was Oliver hit by?

A. By the mysterious stranger

B. By the memory who Rajan was

C. By the bench on which he sat

D. None of these


27. How did Rajan’s parents find him?

A. Rajan stayed in the same place because of the accident.

B. Rajan helped the mysterious stranger.

C. Oliver helped Rajan find his parents in the crowd.

D. The accident happened in the market.


28. What did Oliver do in the end?

A. Spotted his parents

B. Bought the family together

C. Felt better after the accident

D. Said a prayer for Rajan



There are two species of elephant seals, the northern and southern. Northern elephant seals can be found in California and Baja California, though they prefer to frequent offshore islands rather than the North American mainland. Southern elephant seals live in subAntarctic and Antarctic waters that feature brutally cold conditions but are rich in the fish, squid, and other marine foods these seals enjoy.

Southern elephant seals breed on land but spend their winters in the chilly Antarctic waters near the Antarctic pack ice. Do you know southern seals can dive over 4,921 feet (1,500 metres) deep and can remain submerged for up to two hours?

Southern elephant seals are the largest of all seals. Males can be over 20 feet (6 metres) long and weigh up to 8,800 pounds (4,000 kilograms). But these massive mammals with flippers aren’t called elephant seals because of their size. They take their name from their trunk like inflatable snouts.

The northern elephant seals live up to nine years whereas the southern ones can live up to 22 years. When breeding season arrives, male elephant seals define and defend territories. They collect a harem of 40 to 50 females, which are much smaller than their enormous mates. Males battle each other for dominance. Some encounters end with roaring and aggressive posturing, but many others turn into violent and bloody battles. Sea elephants, as these seals are sometimes called, give birth in late winter to a single pup and nurse it for approximately a month. While suckling their young, females do not eat—both mother and child live off the energy stored in ample reserves of her fat. Females give birth to a single pup each year after a 11-month pregnancy.

Elephant seals migrate in search of food, spending months at sea and often diving deep to forage. They return to their rookeries in winter to breed and give birth. Though both male and female elephant seals spend time at sea, their migration routes and feeding habits differ: Males follow a more consistent route while females vary their routes in pursuit of moving prey.

Elephant seals were aggressively hunted for their oil, and their numbers were once reduced to the brink of extinction. Fortunately, populations have rebounded under legal protections.

29. Northern elephant seals don’t like visiting the______

A. sub-Antarctic waters

B. North American mainland

C. chilly Antarctic waters

D. offshore islands


30. Elephant seals migrate_____

A. for giving birth

B. to breed

C. for diving deep

D. for food


31. Southern elephant seals can stay underwater for____hours.

A. 4,921

B. 20

C. 2

D. 40


32. Elephant seals are called that because of their_____

A. huge size

B. noses

C. weight

D. flippers


33. Female seals are______ in size compared to male seals.

A. smaller

B. bigger

C. equal

D. better


34. While feeding her little one, the mother seal eats_____

A. everything

B. other pups

C. fat

D. nothing


35. The number of elephant seals in the world______

A. has reduced drastically

B. has remained the same

C. has become better

D. has shrunk to extinction





Steve : “I live in a big city”

Jill :____

A. I live near the park

B. So do I

C. I also

D. My house is big


36. Anil : “Since they’ve won the lottery they’ve stopped talking to us.”

Mohan : “ _____”

A. They need to get their heads around it

B. All the money has gone to their heads

C. Yeah they have a price on their heads

D. They were never right in the head


37. Shalu : “Everyone looks nervous in the room. Wonder who has the guts to be the first one?”

Vassan : “I agree, so______

A. Shalu, would you like to kick off?

B. guts is the most important thing.

C. everyone looks nervous in any case.

D. wondering won’t help, it never helps.


38. Paul : “This is a difficult task; we need to work together as a team.

        Viv :“_____”

A. Agreed, there are few things to mop up

B. Sure, we have to prop up this company

C. I know, if we fail we will be in trouble

D. Certainly, we better roll up our sleeves now


39. Ram : “Do you know this shop is open all the time now.”

Hari : “______”

A. What do you mean? No other shop is open now?

B. Shops can be open all the time if they want.

C. Really! I didn’t know that it’s open round the clock.

D. My sister is ready to go shopping 24×7.


40. Sister : “If you don’t let me play with your football then you can’t ride my bicycle.”

Brother : “ ___. When you are playing When you are lo with the football I’ll ride your bicycle.”

A. You let me down again

B. I’m finished with you

C. Let’s meet halfway

D. Do as you please


41. Teacher : “Your Chemistry experiment failed completely in the laboratory. What happened?”

Student :“_______”

A. I forgot. I always forget to check the levels

B. I neglected to check the acid levels. I apologise

C. I could have been a bit more careful but what to do

D. I knew you wouldn’t help me in the experiment


42. Salesgirl : “ _______”This is our brand new range.

A. Can I tell you to try this? It’s new.

B. Do you have one minute. Try this.

C. Might I suggest you try this new model, sir?

D. You can try this if you want, your choice.


43. Alan : “Do you know Hari has a secret plan to get money for the popcorn?”

Saleem : “Great!___ I wonder what the plan is this time.”

A. He always has something up his sleeve

B. Hari always finds himself in a tight spot

C. He plays his cards close to his chest

D. He should strike when the iron is hot


44. Pallavi : “Is it a difficult game?”

Babu : “No______

A. There’s nothing to it

B. So far, so good

C. Yes, very much so

D. Mmm, that figures


45. Sister : “Why did you even buy this? You already have three hats.”

Brother :“ ______”

A. It was, like, five bucks, so I was like “okay”

B. After detailed consideration I took this decision

C. It is my legal right to buy or sell any thing

D. As the price was reasonable, I made the purchase




46. A baby needs at least ten hours of___ sleep.

A. undisputed

B. undisturbed

C. undivided

D. undisclosed


47. He skidded on his bicycle and____ in hospital.

A. caught

B. ended

C. set

D. fixed


48. ______I get a lot of homework, my older sister hardly gets any.

A. Whereas

B. Even

C. In spite of

D. Despite that



49. Bobby : “Will she be upset if she fails her exams?”

Jay :“____ She can always take the tests again.”

A. I failed my exams once and I was very upset

B. She needs to prepare for the exams well

C. Obviously, but it’s not the end of the world

D. I’m sure she will manage it fine and do well


50. Isabel : “Hey Vikas! How have you been?”

Vikas : “______”

A. I’ve been good. What about you?

B. I am fine thank you.

C. Thank you for asking.

D. Thank you. How do you do?

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