Irregular Plural Nouns Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

It generally happens while we study the English language, we misspell some words or maybe add an extra letter to the word. However, there are quite a few names or terms that completely change the meaning when they are used as a plural.  These words are quite difficult for the kids to deal with as the language setbacks them to learn because they are not very much familiar with the rules.  When young kids use irregular plural nouns inaccurately, they can sound much more naive than they really are.

Irregular Plural Nouns Practice Worksheets

In this edition, we have brought some worksheets that will help your kid understand the concepts of “Irregular Plural Nouns”. These sessions are very important for a kid to understand the basics of the English Language.

The sheet given below lays down the meaning of Singular and Plural nouns with relatable examples. The sample sheet will also help the child understand how the Singular noun is converted into a Plural form. The parents should also tell the kids, how these concepts are important for the kids in their daily lives.

The first worksheet asks the kid to color the singular with “BLUE” and the irregular plural nouns with the “PINK” color.  Explain to the kid about some words at the beginning as we want the kid to excel in his activities and not lag behind, and to make things interesting the kid will get to color as well. Explain to the kid about the words, as he should not lose concentration.

The second sheet is the same as the first one. These worksheets are an exceptional way to examine the learning standards of a child. This defines how much a child knows, and what else he can do to improve. These sheets can also be used to recognize the weaker spot of the kids. These sessions can also be used efficiently to some difficult portions. And as stated earlier, the kid won’t get bored at all as he will get to color the words.

The third worksheet is different from the first two. This sheet asks the kid to circle the irregular plural noun in the given sentences. There is an example presented below as well. We try to bring modification to the understanding levels of the child. The worksheets can present an attractive means of teaching English Grammar concepts that are moderately difficult to understand. For example, this particular session is helping a lot in shaping the education standard of your child.

The fourth and the final worksheet asks the child to tick the correct irregular plural noun that fits in the blank. And also fill in the correct option. After completing the above worksheets, the child will become more aware of the concept and will be able to complete the remaining questions with ease.

So, download these free printable worksheets now!

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