Menu Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

Hello viewers! This week, we bring to you this ‘Menu Math Printable worksheet’ for your kids. Children would calculate the price of each order in the worksheet. This worksheet will test their ability to find the sum of numbers and would also take into account their knowledge of currency. The addition is one of the four basic operations in mathematics. It is essential for everyone to know how to find the sum of two or more numbers as this is required in many scenarios be it educational or our daily life.

It is no secret that children love fast food. Burgers, pizza, pancakes, ice creams, one can eat as much as they want and then some. Hence we have used several images of such food items to keep children engaged. The task at hand is simple. Using the price indicated at the top of each sheet, students have to calculate the amount needed to purchase the choices shown in each column. For example, in the first sheet, there are two tacos, one pizza, one hotdog, and a pancake. The tacos cost $1 each, the pizza adds &1.25 to the total, the hotdog adds another $2 and the pancake costs $1.50. Hence the total would be $4.75.


Menu Math Printable Worksheets

Menu Math Printable Worksheet: 1

Menu Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

To solve these problems correctly, students need to have understood the concepts of addition and they need to know how to add decimal numbers. It is required that they have mastered it so that they don’t make mistakes. You can use the sheets to teach them the addition or to test their ability to do the same.

Menu Math Printable Worksheet: 2

Menu Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

We provide several sheets so that kids get ample practice. There are five total sheets in the worksheet each of which contains three different questions. To break the monotony, we have changed the food items on each sheet.

Menu Math Printable Worksheet: 3

Menu Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

Print the worksheet and distribute it among the students in the class. It is necessary to be organized, make sure the students write their name, their section, teacher’s name, and the date before they submit their sheets.

Menu Math Printable Worksheet: 4

Menu Math Printable Worksheets for KidsYou can also make this more challenging by making this a time-based group activity. Ask your students to solve these sheets within a limited amount of time. You can always reward the one who scores the most. A little reward goes a long way in teaching as it boosts their morale. Be sure to go over it again in case some students find it hard.

Menu Math Printable Worksheet: 5


Menu Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

Download the worksheet and get started now! For more fun and engaging worksheets visit our website.

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