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Animals are everywhere around us.  For your better understanding, let’s talk about some animals given in this worksheet:



  • Mice is the plural form of the mouse.
  • Mice is one of the smallest animal in the world.
  • Mice can be easily found somewhere in your home.
  • They come to your houses in the search of food and shelter.
  • Mice is the common food for the cats.
  • Mice is generally of brown and white colour.


  • Cats come under domestic species.
  • They are carnivorous animals( animals which feed on other animals flesh although they also drink milk as food).


  • Camels are also domesticated.
  • They are used to carry goods.
  • There meat is also eaten in many countries.
  • Camels have hump which acts as a storage medium for energy.
  • Camels are generally found in desserts.


  • Giraffe is the tallest animal.
  • Giraffes are generally found in Africa.
  • Giraffe has a long neck.
  • Giraffe generally feed on leaves and grasses.


  • They are the largest land animal.
  • Elephants drink water with the help of trunk.
  • Elephants have thick skin.
  • Elephants are the most humble creature in this world.


  • Rabbits are the most silent creature of this world.
  • Rabbits have big ears which regulate their body temperature.
  • Rabbits can see both at the front and the back.
  • Rabbits are social creatures.


  • Snails are the slowest creatures and also one of the smallest on this planet.
  • Snails are wet every time.
  • Snails are also eaten as food.


  • Dogs also come under domesticated animals.
  • Dogs are also the most helpful creatures of this world.
  • Dogs are friendly in nature, although not all dogs.
  • They have a great sense of smell.


  • Horses are used for riding and as an working animal.
  • Horses are also domestic animals.
  • Horses have bigger eyes then any other animal.


  • Zebras are found in Africa.
  • Zebras are wild animals and cannot be domesticated.


  • Cow is the most common domesticated animal among villagers.
  • Cow provides us with milk which make our bones strong.


  • Frogs can live both under water and on land.
  • Frogs absorb water through their skin so they don’t need to drink water.


  • Turtles live around for 100-150 years.
  • Turtles have a hard shell which keep their body protected.


  • Monkeys can live both around land and on trees.
  • Monkeys are afraid of snakes.


  • Kangaroos can jump very high.
  • Kangaroos are generally found in Australia.


  • Lions is considered as the most dangerous species.
  • They feed only on other animals meat.
  • They are also known as the king of the jungle as every other animal are scared of lions.

So, here was just a list of few animals. Take your kid to your nearby zoo , and you can explore more. Your child will be able to see different types of animals and will be able to know about different type of creatures living around.

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Tall & Short Worksheets for Preschool


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