What causes the seasons on other planets?

What causes the seasons on other planets

The seasons on other planets are caused by their axial tilt and their orbit around the Sun. Just like Earth, a planet’s tilt affects how sunlight is distributed over its surface throughout its orbit, leading to seasonal changes.



1. Which planet has the most extreme seasons?

A) Earth
B) Mars
C) Uranus
D) Venus


2. Why does Mars have seasons?

A) Because of its many moons
B) Because of its rings
C) Because of its axial tilt
D) Because of its distance from the sun


3. Which planet does not have seasons?

A) Earth
B) Jupiter
C) Venus
D) Saturn


4. How long is a season on Uranus?

A) 7 Earth years
B) 21 Earth years
C) 42 Earth years
D) 84 Earth years


5. Why do seasons vary in length on some planets?

A) Because of the planet’s size
B) Because of the shape of the planet’s orbit
C) Because of the number of moons
D) Because of the planet’s distance from the sun


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