Concept of Gravity

Long long ago when the lions drank tea every day, the Sun was alone. It was alone in the vast sky and had no friends. The sun was sad, he wanted to play with someone. One day, the earth was passing by the sun. Earth saw the sun was sad, earth wanted to make the sun happy. Earth went close to the Sun and then moved far from it. Earth went round and round around the Sun.

The Sun saw earth going circles around it and became happy. Then slowly other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, joined the path of the earth and all of them started going circles around the Sun. Since then all the planets and Sun were together called THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

And the planets never stopped revolving around the sun since then. Even today every planet revolves around the sun on the same path.


  1. Why did the earth, passing by the sun, started revolving around it?
  2. What made the earth start revolving around the sun?
  3. What is making the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun?
  4. Did someone tell the planets to revolve around the sun?



The force that is keeping all the planets on the same path around the sun, making them revolve around the sun for a very very very long time is called GRAVITY.

Sun’s gravity is the reason the planets are revolving around it. Even the earth. Sun’s gravity is pulling all the planets towards itself and the mass of the planets is making them revolve around the sun.

What is this gravity?

Gravity is a pulling force, the mass of an object is the reason for gravity. Gravity is around every object that has mass. The gravity of an object depends on its mass. Heavier the object, the higher the gravity.

Gravity pulls everything around it, it can pull even the objects that are very very far. That is the reason why even if the earth is far from the sun, it still revolves around the sun. Gravity is measured in newtons.

How does gravity work?

Gravity is around every object that has mass. There is a gravity around you also. You cannot feel your own gravity because we all live on a very very very huge object called THE EARTH.

Earth has a very strange gravitational force around and we all are able to live on earth only because of gravity if gravity is not present we all will fly away into space.

Whenever you jump, throw a ball in the air, fly a paper aeroplane all of this again fall on the ground and just don’t fly. When you jump high, you come down again. The ball you throw in the air will fall down again and the paper aeroplane with not fly because the earth is pulling everything to itself. We are able to stand on the ground because of gravity. All the buildings we built on the earth are standing because of gravity. Everything on earth stays on earth because of gravity.

Gravity increases as the mass of the object increases. The gravity of an apple is less than the gravity of a watermelon. As gravity increases, the pulling force also increases. The pulling force of an apple is less than the pulling force of a watermelon.

Why don’t we feel the gravity of everyday objects like other people’s gravity, the gravity of a building, etc?

Because of the gravity of all the daily-life things is very very very less when compared to the gravity of the earth, we cannot feel it.


1 ) What is gravity and what causes it?

  • Gravity is pushing force and god created it
  • Gravity is a pulling force and god created it
  • Gravity is magic and the mass of an object causes it
  • Gravity is a pulling force and the mass of an object causes it

2 ) _____ is the measuring unit of gravity

  • Litre
  • Grams
  • Banana
  • Newton

3 ) Earth revolves around the sun because ______?

  • Because the sun and earth are friends
  • Earth does not revolve around the sun
  • Because of the gravity of the earth
  • Because of the gravity of the sun

4 ) Why does the moon revolve around the earth?

  • The gravity of earth
  • Gravity of sun
  • Gravity of itself
  • The moon does not revolve around the earth

5 ) The water in the oceans is always in the oceans because of?

  • Because water is our friend
  • Because God told water to not go anywhere
  • Because fishes don’t want the water to go
  • Because of the gravity of earth

6 ) Pinky went to the planet Jupiter and while playing she observed that she cannot jump on Jupiter. Can you tell why?

  • Because pinky did not wear shoes
  • Because pinky did not have her breakfast
  • Because Jupiter is heavier than earth and the pulling force of Jupiter is more, that is why pinky was pulled again and cannot jump
  • Because Jupiter does not allow small kids to jump because they can fly

7 ) Why does not sun revolve around the earth?

  • Because the sun does not like earth
  • Because the sun is heavier and its gravity is more
  • Because the earth is lighter and its gravity is less
  • Because the sun is heavy, the earth is lighter and the sun pulls the earth

How was the earth formed?

Long long ago, the earth was not present. There were only very huge rocks floating in the space.

One day, one heavy rock was passing by and as it was very heavy rock, it pulled smaller rocks towards itself. The small rocks settled on the larger rock, as the big rock pulled towards itself smaller rock, the rock was getting heavier, the gravity increased, more rocks were pulled. And in time all the small stones and rock became a very very huge rock which we call earth.

When the earth was forming, the smaller rocks hit the earth as it pulled them, and due to friction, the heat was produced. And in the beginning, the earth looked like a very hot and molten ball just like the sun which took millions of years to cool down and to grow life like animals and plants.

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