What does the pancreas do?

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The human body is a subject of the study. The human body is made up of several components. Each part has its task. If some of them get damaged, it would affect your life. We simply focus on our health but do we have a complete idea of our body. Somewhere not. Do you hear the doctor says about the hormones or hormonal changes, what is it precisely? Who produces it? What about pancreas? We are going to recognise these points.



It is a gland organ and also the part of the digestive system. Chemicals in scientific word enzymes made by cells in the pancreas pass into the gut which help in digestion of food. It helps to produce the hormones in the body.

  • Where pancreas located in the body?
  • It is located behind the stomach in the upper left side.
  • What is the shape and size of the pancreas?
  • It is 6 inches long in size plus flat pear shape, extended horizontally.

What are hormones produced by the pancreas? Namely, the pancreas is responsible for insulin and glucagon and somewhere Gastric and Marlin hormones production.


This hormone called beta cells made in cells of the pancreas.75% of pancreatic hormonal cells made beta cells. Insulin helps to use sugar for energy. Insulin word is tied up with diabetes. The high sugar level in your blood is due to insufficient insulin.


These are alpha cells made 20% of cells in the pancreas and glucagon produces. If the blood sugar level gets down, glucagon raises it by sending an alert to the liver to realise the stored sugar.

Gastrin and Marlin

Gastrin is made in the pancreas too. It stimulates to the stomach to make gastric acid. Amylin assists to control appetite and emptying. It is made in beta cells that we read in the above point

What Does The Pancreas Do?

The enzymes which assist to break down the fats, sugar and starches from the food. For disciplining blood sugar, stimulate stomach acids the pancreas produces necessary hormones. Hormones travel through the bloodstream. To create hormones which aid in metabolism.

90% of pancreas aid in making digestive enzymes. These enzymes are produced by acinar cells within the pancreas. Acinar cells which make a liquid which crates suitable circumstances for pancreatic enzymes known as pancreatic juice.

These are the enzymes made by the pancreas.


These enzymes work together with bile. It helps to break down fat in your body. Insufficient lipase may lead to trouble absorbing fats. This poor performance of fat absorption causes diarrhoea and fatty bowel movements.


The enzyme which breaks protein in your body. If bacteria or germs may live in your intestines, protease protects your body. Due to improper digestion of proteins cause allergic reactions.


Amylase assists to break the starches. If you don’t have sufficient amylase, the body could meet with diarrhoea. I know you read everything carefully.


Human gets tired after a little bit of work, however, the pancreas never leave. Regularly it performs their duties. So, it’s our responsibility to take care of our health.

Pancreas plays an important position”!!

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