What happened to the dinosaurs?

  • Dinosaurs were one of the greatest animals that ever lived on planet Earth. They were said to be able to live in almost all types of climates and were extremely resilient creatures. This was predicted by the presence of fossils of Dinosaurs from places from all around the world.
  • Dinosaurs were a type of reptile and lived for almost 165 million years and went extinct suddenly, 65 million years ago.


The theory behind the extinction of Dinosaurs:

  • The extinction of Dinosaurs was a big question for everyone. They were the most dominant predators on planet earth and were at the top of the food chain. So, what happened?
  • The extinction of Dinosaurs left a big gap in the ecosystem of the Earth.
  • According to various scientific theories, asteroids played a big role in the extinction of dinosaurs.
  • It has been theorized that a great asteroid hit the Earth about 65 million years ago, accompanied by a dust cloud and a great volcano.
  • The asteroid essentially wiped out all the living things on planet Earth, including the mighty dinosaurs. 
  • Dust clouds blocked the sunlight necessary for the organisms to grow back.
  • It is estimated that after the asteroid hit, Earth was in darkness for many years.
  • The remaining organisms that were somehow left out from the effect of the asteroid, were killed due to their own hunger and the disastrous climatic changes.
  • However, the extinction of dinosaurs was an active question till the time scientists found the matching dust sample.

Fun Facts:

  1. Roughly about 700 species of dinosaurs went extinct.
  2. The modern bird is said to be the next generation of dinosaurs as they share a common ancestor.
  3. The Chicxulub impactor is the asteroid responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs.

Additional Questions:

  1. What are Dinosaurs?
  2. Which animals are present in today’s world known to share a common ancestor with dinosaurs?
  3. Can humans and dinosaurs co-exist?

True or False:

  1. A dinosaur is the name of rock.
  2. Dinosaurs went extinct 65.5 years ago.
  3. The extinction of dinosaurs left a great impact on the ecosystem of Earth.
  4. An asteroid is said to be the reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs.
  5. Followed by the asteroid hit, Earth went through great disastrous climatic changes, making it uninhabitable by living organisms for a while. 

Objective Quiz:

1. Dinosaurs were a type of ________.

  1. Reptile.
  2. Mammal.
  3. Both 1) and 2).
  4. None of the above.

2.________ was responsible for the extinction of Dinosaurs.

  1. An Asteroid.
  2. A Fire.
  3. A car accident.
  4. None of the above.

3. Dinosaurs went extinct _______.

  1. 65 million years ago.
  2. 65 billion years ago.
  3. 65.5 years ago.
  4. 65.5 months ago.

4. _____ is said to share a common ancestor with Dinosaurs.

  1. Birds.
  2. Human.
  3. Shark
  4. None of the above.

5. The fall of Dinosaurs was accompanied by the _________.

  1. A great change in climatic conditions.
  2. Nothing changed.
  3. Earth’s climate became better.
  4. None of the above.

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