The neuroscience of imagination

Just think, a cat is talking English or Peacock is typing at the computer, balloons are dancing. You might be laughing. But these things never happen in reality, we are simply imagining the cat, peacock, balloons only. 

The things that are not present or occurring. However, how is the brain imagining everything instantly? Inside a second, we travel throughout the thought. This is neuroscience of imagination.

Imagination is a neurological reality. That impact on a brain and whole body and this is confirmed by Tor Wager, director of the neuroscience laboratory at CU boulder.


What Is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience examines the feature of the brain. Human has neurons or brain cells in billion. The brain circuits that process all images, thoughts, feelings and so forth.

When you look at the specific object lots of neurons in posterior context fire. Neurons collect all traits of that object. The synchronous firing strengthens the connection between the neurons and linking them collectively. It is named as a neuronal ensemble.

What Is a Neuronal Ensemble?

It is a collection of nervous system cells or neurons. Neurons are helpful to bind together. If neuronal ensemble activates at the same time for two different objects, so it could be perceived as a single object.

One more concept is present related to imagination.

What Is Mental Synthesis?

Mental synthesis is one component which is commonly addressed as imagination and on with every other aspect like dreaming, memory recall

It is a mechanism where two individuals neuronal ensembles combined into a single. It is responsible for imaginative and creative characteristics.

Suppose, you imagine that a dog is reading a newspaper. There are two images dog and newspaper. So, according to the theory of mental synthesis, the dog neuronal ensemble is synchronised with newspaper neuronal ensemble and perceived as one object.

Human language that uses mental synthesis too. When we describe something, we start imagining as pre the words. Mental synthesis uses to communicate a novel object.


See, the mechanism behind imagination. We had no idea yet how this is going to work. But I always say that science is life and life is a science.

“Creativeness is a key”!!

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