The science of smog

Smog is a heterogeneous mixture of intense air pollution. The term smog is coined in the 20th era and its consumption of two things as smoke and fog. Many times smog comes from many man-made activates such as a red-hot coil. Smog is a mixture of air pollutants thus it’s very common in metropolitan areas. the opacity and odor the smog gets its style.

Smog is a mixture of yellow and black color fog formed largely by a mixture of pollutants in the environment which consists of fine bits and ground-level ozone.


What is the science behind smog?

Smog has two types one is Photochemical smog and another is Sulfur smog. Photochemical smog is produced when sun-rays react with atmospheric oxides and one volatile organic compound.

Nitrogen oxides are formed when nitrogen is confirmed at a very high reacts with sunlight and produces a layer of air pollutants called Photochemical smog.

The main component of photochemical smog is ground-level-ozone. Photochemical smog is also called as Los-Angeles smog. This type of pollutants is characterized by a high level of ozone and low visibility. in low valley regions, it’s typically found. Many automobile companies emit nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon vapors. Hence in such places, smog takes a little time to form.

In September 1955 the smog reaches its peak in Los Angeles. Peoples cannot able to ride their bicycles and are equipped with gas masks just to travel in the streets of Los Angeles.

Sulfurous smog is also called the London smog. Which is a mixture of the high amount of sulfur oxide in nature?

How does Smog formed and Spread?

The actual cause of smog is atmospheric pollutants. The hazardous chemicals which formed in the atmosphere are the basic and main reason for smog formation.

Many times it’s just a mixture of water vapor and dust with many polluted gases in the atmosphere.

Due to complex photochemical reaction the gases and water vapor from a layer of dust .water vapors combined with dust and makes its ordinary compounds. Such water droplets with gas combination spread on the air and formed smog.

Many times in heavy traffic and high temperature. The main source is sometimes gasoline and diesel-run vehicles, industrial plants, and activities.

Nowadays air quality is very low. Many polluted gases mixed with pure air. The formation of a complex compound tends to produce polluted air. Global warming is also the main and basic cause of air pollution and thus Smog.

Smog many times produces difficulties for human beings. Breathing diseases, heart-related problems are the major situations that occur due to smog.

It is harmful to individuals, pets, flowers, and nature as a combination. Many people relating to bronchial infections due to extreme smog. thus thick smog results in a low production of the important natural ingredient vitamin D pointing to evidence of rickets

Smog is a disastrous problem especially due to fast industrialization.

It can be reduced by implementing modifications in your lifestyle, decreasing the consumption of non-renewable fuels, and by replacing them with alternate sources of fuel that will reduce toxic emissions from vehicles.

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