What causes constipation?

Constipation is a state in which there is a problem in the passage of stools out of the body. In this case, the passage of stools is only done by the use of excessive pressure and pain in the abdomen. The stools are usually hard and brittle in constipation state.

There are many causes that lead to constipation such as dietary cause in which the patient might be suffering from constipation because of his or her food habits. Sometimes due to an increase in stress levels also causes constipation.

We understand that food takes its own time to leave the body. The food gets digested in the stomach and through the small intestine, the undigested food is converted into the stool and sent into the larges intestine.

The large intestine consists of 4 major parts i.e, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon. The undigested food enters from the small intestine into ascending colon and moves through the large intestine.

The undigested food while travelling through the large intestine loses all its water content through absorption and becomes a mass i.e, transforms into stools. Then these stools are removed through the body with the help of pelvic body and external anal sphincter. The pelvic body forms a loop-like structure around the rectum, that helps us to decide whether we want to defaecate or not.

Any problem in the pelvic body floor where it tightens the rectum due to which there is a problem in removal in stools causes constipation. The slow movement of stools inside the large intestine causes increase in constipation. The increased constipation causes chronic constipation condition. The constipation condition can be diagnosed through stool examination on the basis of a chart that helps in understanding the level of the problem inside the abdomen.

The person must sit in a squat like position to ensure movement of stools through the body as that position helps in opening of external anal sphincter as well as the pelvic body floor to easy movement of stools through the body.

So, changes in dietary supplements and lifestyle and regular exercise helps in treating this problem and decreases abdominal pain through massage near the abdomen.

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