Best Preschool and Childcare in Akron (USA)

Are you a resident of Akron and is thinking of sending your child to the best preschool or childcare in Akron, then you are at the right place because here you will be getting all those requirements which as a parent you want for your tiny child to get and they educate children with best early education programs, activities, and scheduled curriculum so that your child can become an all-rounder?

Also below given are the details for contacting them directly or booking a visit tour of them where you can ask queries and questions of your will.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Akron (USA)

1. Childtime of Akron

This is a preschool in Akron which is having the best intellectual activities where the children can nurture in a good atmosphere and happy environment. The teachers are so supportive that for them every child is equal and they take care properly of every child. The preschool is having playing materials like building blocks, cards, plastic bricks, toys, test houses of plastics, and small tricycles through which children will learn to drive the tricycles.

The teachers are so experienced and supportive and know very how to handle the children’s moods. From time to time snacks are also provided to the children so they can not feel low and can be energetic and enthusiastic all the hours they are spending in the preschool. This is the best preschool in Akron.

  • Location- 2645 Manchester Road Akron, OH 44319
  • Website-
  • Contact- (866) 201-4078

2. Childtime of Fairlawn

This is childcare for children to nurture properly with good health and mind and with happy and cheerful thoughts. This childcare believes in first giving proper early education and then helping children learn different things and do different types of activities. The cherished environment is created for children to play happily along with their studies. The teachers use to prepare a proper and scheduled curriculum for the children to learn and level their thinking.

The childcare is having big classrooms which are clean and tidy and also they are having a big playground as playing is so important for physical development so keeping this in mind the scheduled curriculum is having sports in it for children to play and have fun. This makes this childcare best in Akron.

  • Location- 3475 Embassy Parkway Fairlawn, OH 44333
  • Website-
  • Contact- (800) 974-9837

3. Little Steps Big Dreams Academy

This childcare mainly focuses on developing children holistically and making them aware of the correct situations which are ongoing. They help children to explore their thinking and learns illustrating their ideas because will keep them busy in thinking and this will help them develop their thinking ability. This childcare is having different types of toys through which children can play and can nurture properly.

The childcare use to create an environment that is safe and secure for each and every child and try to make them feel at home as the teachers use to take care like parents and the children become friends with each other and they enjoy each other’s company. This creates a happy atmosphere all around which makes children keen to come again the next day.

  • Location- 792 E Waterloo Rd Akron, OH 44306
  • Website-
  • Contact- (330) 555-1000

4. Barbie J Daycare

This childcare is having the best infrastructure and programs which include technology learnings and history too that will help children in the future and will keep them knowledgeable. The childcare used to provide snacks every day because we all know that if a child is having an empty stomach he/she will not be as much energetic and attentive as when they will have a full stomach.

This childcare is best in Akron as they schedule different types of activities for boys and girls separately and make different activities for a different aged group of children. These efforts and hardworking of teachers make children more developing and great explorers throughout the life. The teachers of this childcare use to develop children with these few skills because they believe in giving all the best they can and those skills developments are- developing socially, emotionally, intellectually, coordinatively, stimulating, mentally, and physically.

  • Location- 1959 Searl St Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
  • Website-
  • Contact- (330) 459-9474

5. Creative Cooperative Preschool

Located in a beautiful city, this preschool is having all you as a parent want for your child to develop, they have many different collections of toys and they educate children by using technical things like PowerPoint presentations or making flow charts or by creating drawings or by taking children to smart classes where they enjoy studying and learn more about it. This is best in Akron.

This preschool is having a big enough playground for children where the 4-5 groups of children each having 6-8 children in it can play all together under the roof which will not make them feel exhausted from sunlight. The playground is surrounded by beautiful flower plants and big fruit trees which help teachers explain the different nature of colors and sizes and countings.

  • Location- 464 Northeast Ave Tallmadge, OH 44278
  • Website-
  • Contact- (330) 807-3300

6. The Goddard School

This preschool mainly focuses on making different theme-based decorative classrooms which help teachers to explain to children about the different colors and the theme-based things like if a classroom is decorated with the theme of the forest then it will have many different types of animals, plants, and trees. Also, they will get to know about the difference between the plants of fruits, the animals which are having different colors, and counting the trees and identifying the different colors.

This preschool is best in Akron as it focuses on children’s whole development like making them good learners and good explorers and making them intelligent and socially strong. The teachers are trained and certified and are having experience of many years by which they use to teach children very calmly and helping every individual child happily and supporting them strongly which keeps children happy and prosperous all day.

  • Location- 105 Springside Dr Akron, OH 44333
  • Website-
  • Contact- (330) 665-3035

7. The Summa Early Education and Learning Center

The different types of activities are created in this childcare for the children to nurture in a cherished environment where they can grow with learning new things and using illustrating their ideas. This childcare is having big classrooms and a fresh environment as no industry is nearby it through which the bad air will come or will harm the children.

The infrastructure was prepared by a specialist who knows how which type of atmosphere and environment a child is needed. This is best in Akron as they have divided their curriculum according to the development of the children of different ages. The classrooms is having cameras that create and develop a secure place for the children.

  • Location- 475 Ohio St Akron, OH 44304
  • Website-
  • Contact- (330) 459-9474

8. SCOPE Academy

This is having a great explorer throughout teachers who have been trained before giving the seats in this preschool premises. They have all knowledge for handling and making them all-rounder. Also, they mainly focus on studies and then playing because they know early education is the only key for children to become a great person in life, keeping this in mind the teachers use to provide all the best curriculum and studies to the children as they can.

The infrastructure is having nothing which can be harmful to the children as they use to sensitized the classrooms on the daily basis and they keep children away from harmful things, also not only classrooms but toys are sanitized on a daily basis so that it isn’t able to harm any of the single child present in the preschool. They have different rooms for playing and studying which doesn’t create mess or suffocations for the children. The premises is having cameras which take full security check out and also the teachers use to schedule parent-teacher meetings every month to knowing parents about the growth and development of their child.

  • Location- 1651 Massillon Road Akron, OH 44312
  • Website-
  • Contact- (234) 718-2626

This was the list of few best childcare and preschool in Akron where you can send your child on the safest hands after you as a parent and they all ensure every parent to be free after sending their child to preschool or childcare because they having being treated with respect and best activities.

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